Royal Canin Dog Food Cocker Spaniel Dry Mix 3kg Review [2023]

August 22, 2023
Annette Thompson

I recently tried the Royal Canin Dog Food Cocker Spaniel Dry Mix 3kg for my beloved Cocker Spaniel. As an owner, I always strive to provide the best nutrition for my pet, and this product seemed to tick all the boxes. With features like promoting healthy skin and a beautiful coat, weight management, and vision support, I was eager to try it.

Royal Canin Dog Food Cocker Spaniel Dry Mix 3kg

Royal Canin Dog Food Cocker Spaniel Dry Mix 3kg Pros & Cons

What We Liked

  • For my Cocker Spaniel over 12 months of age, this dog food worked wonders in maintaining a healthy coat and skin. I noticed a visible improvement after a few weeks of consistent use.
  • This food’s weight management feature helped me ensure my pooch maintains a healthy weight, preventing potential health issues.
  • With its vision support, my furry friend seemed more alert and active, a delight to witness.
  • This product also aids in maintaining cardiac tone, ensuring the overall heart health of my royal canin cocker spaniel adult.
  • The packaging is quite secure, and the food stays fresh for a long time, eliminating any worries about spoilage.

What Can Be Improved

  • While the product delivers excellent results, I found it pricier than other dog food options. A slightly lower price point would make it more affordable for pet owners.
  • The packaging could be improved by providing a resealable closure, making it easier to store the food without any spillage or loss of freshness.

Quick Verdict on Royal Canin Dog Food Cocker Spaniel Dry Mix 3kg

The Royal Canin Dog Food Cocker Spaniel Dry Mix 3kg is an excellent choice for owners looking to provide their canin cocker spaniel adult 3kg with top-notch nutrition. Its benefits span from maintaining a healthy coat and skin to promoting weight management and supporting the vision and cardiac health. While it may be slightly expensive compared to other options, the results are worth the investment. I highly recommend this product for cocker spaniel adult dry dog owners who want to ensure the overall well-being of their furry companions.

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What’s Inside Royal Canin Dog Food Cocker Spaniel Dry Mix 3kg?

I recently purchased the Royal Canin Dog Food Cocker Spaniel Dry Mix 3kg from Amazon. As a proud owner of a Cocker Spaniel, I wanted to provide my furry friend with the best nutrition for his joints. The delivery was incredibly fast, arriving at my doorstep within two days of placing the order.

Royal Canin Dog Food Cocker Spaniel Dry Mix 3kg

Upon unboxing, I found the Royal Canin Dog Food Cocker Spaniel Dry Mix 3kg securely packed inside. The box was neatly sealed, ensuring the freshness of the product. I discovered a 3kg pack of dry dog food inside the box.



Item Weight: 3 kg

Date First Available: 8 Aug. 2009

Item Form: Dry

Flavor: Poultry

Pet Life Stage: Adult

Breed Recommendation: Cocker

Item model number: 02RCC3

Product Dimensions: 25 x 13.1 x 51.6 cm; 3 Kilograms


The Royal Canin Dog Food Cocker Spaniel Dry Mix 3kg came with an informative user guide. The user guide provided detailed instructions on the product’s specific uses for joint health. It also included care instructions on feeding my dog and ensuring his overall well-being.

The user guide was helpful, offering valuable insights into the nutritional benefits and recommended feeding quantities for my Cocker Spaniel. It provided important tips on transitioning between different types of food and guidelines for maintaining a healthy diet for my pet.

You can find it here if you want to explore the user guide.

What We Found in Royal Canin Dog Food Cocker Spaniel Dry Mix 3kg

Healthy skin and a beautiful coat

This Royal Canin Dog Food for Cocker Spaniels is specifically formulated to promote healthy skin and a beautiful coat. It contains a combination of nutrients, including Omega-3 fatty acids and biotin, known to support healthy skin and a shiny coat. These nutrients help to nourish the skin and hair follicles, promoting optimal hair growth and reducing the risk of dryness, itching, and flakiness.

Additionally, dog food contains a balanced blend of vitamins and minerals that contribute to overall skin and coat health. These nutrients help to improve the skin’s barrier function, preventing moisture loss and protecting against environmental damage. As a result, Cocker Spaniels fed with this dry mix are more likely to showcase a radiant and luxurious coat, adding to their overall beauty and charm.

Royal Canin Dog Food Cocker Spaniel Dry Mix 3kg

Pro-tip: Regular grooming sessions and brushing can further enhance the benefits of this dog food. Brushing helps to distribute natural oils produced by the skin, resulting in a healthier-looking coat.

Weight management

This Royal Canin Cocker Adult Dog Food is designed to support weight management in Cocker Spaniels over 12 months of age. It contains a precise balance of proteins, fibers, and carbohydrates to promote healthy digestion and satiety, helping to regulate weight and prevent obesity.

The fiber content in the food helps to promote a feeling of fullness, reducing the likelihood of overeating. Moreover, the protein content helps to maintain lean muscle mass and promotes energy expenditure, ensuring that Cocker Spaniels maintain healthy body weight without feeling deprived or hungry.

For best results, following the feeding guidelines on the packaging is recommended, and combining the food with regular exercise to maintain the ideal weight for your Cocker Spaniel.

Vision support

This Royal Canin Dog Food contains specific nutrients that support vision health in Cocker Spaniels. The formula includes antioxidants, such as lutein and zeaxanthin, which protect the eyes from oxidative stress and help maintain healthy vision.

These antioxidants work by neutralizing harmful free radicals that can damage the cells in the eyes. By including them in the diet, dog food helps to promote long-term eye health and reduce the risk of age-related vision issues. Cocker Spaniels fed with this dry mix are likelier to maintain good eyesight and clarity into their senior years.

Cardiac tone

This Royal Canin Dog Food is formulated to support the cardiac health of Cocker Spaniels. It contains a tailored blend of nutrients, including taurine and antioxidants, that contribute to maintaining a healthy heart and proper cardiac function.

Taurine is an amino acid that plays an essential role in supporting normal heart muscle contractions. It helps to regulate the heartbeat and maintain healthy blood pressure. The antioxidants in the formula further protect the heart cells from damage caused by free radicals, promoting overall cardiac health and reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Pro-tip: Regular veterinary check-ups and monitoring your Cocker Spaniel’s heart health are essential to ensure optimal cardiac function.

For Cocker Spaniels over 12 months of age

This Royal Canin Dog Food specifically caters to the nutritional needs of Cocker Spaniels aged 12 months and older. The formula considers the unique requirements of Cocker Spaniels at this life stage, providing them with the necessary nutrients to support their overall health and well-being.

During this stage of life, Cocker Spaniels may require additional support for maintaining a healthy weight, promoting proper heart function, and preserving healthy skin and coats. This specialized dog food addresses these needs, ensuring that your adult Cocker Spaniel receives the optimal nutrition necessary for a happy and healthy life.

Our Review of Royal Canin Dog Food Cocker Spaniel Dry Mix 3kg

Our Score: 91.0

I recently tried the Royal Canin Dog Food Cocker Spaniel Dry Mix 3kg for my beloved Cocker Spaniel. And let me tell you. It did not disappoint!

First and foremost, my dog loves it. Every mealtime is like a party for her as she gobbles up every last bit of this delicious food. Not only is it tasty, but it also positively impacts her overall health. Her skin is healthier, and her coat looks more beautiful than ever.

Another great feature of this dog food is its weight management properties. It has helped my Cocker Spaniel maintain a healthy weight, which is important for her well-being. Additionally, I have noticed improved vision support and cardiac tone in my dog since she started eating this food.

I highly recommend the Royal Canin Dog Food Cocker Spaniel Dry Mix 3kg to all Cocker Spaniel owners. It has exceeded my expectations regarding quality, price, and fast delivery. Don’t wait any longer. Give your furry friend the nourishment they deserve by trying this amazing dog food.

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Best combination

Royal Canin Dog Food Cocker Spaniel Dry Mix 3kg

I highly recommend buying Royal Canin Medium Adult in Gravy Wet Food (10 x 140g Pouches) as an add-on to your purchase of Royal Canin Dog Food Cocker Spaniel Dry Mix 3kg. Combining these two products will greatly benefit your beloved Cocker Spaniel’s diet and overall health.

Royal Canin Medium Adult in Gravy Wet Food offers a complementary feeding option to the Royal Canin Dog Food Cocker Spaniel Dry Mix 3kg. The wet food contains essential nutrients and a delicious gravy texture that can enhance your dog’s mealtime experience. It provides additional variety and taste, which can help prevent mealtime boredom and picky eating habits.

Feeding your Cocker Spaniel a combination of dry and wet food can have several advantages. The wet food’s higher moisture content can contribute to hydrating your dog, especially if they have a low water intake. It can also be easier for dogs with dental issues or missing teeth to consume and digest.

Incorporating dry and wet food into your Cocker Spaniel’s diet can also benefit their urinary tract health. The extra moisture from the wet food helps promote a healthy urinary system by flushing out toxins and preventing the formation of urinary crystals or stones.

By choosing the Royal Canin Medium Adult in Gravy Wet Food (10 x 140g Pouches) as an accompaniment to the Royal Canin Dog Food Cocker Spaniel Dry Mix 3kg, you provide your dog with a balanced and varied diet, ensuring they receive all the necessary nutrients for optimal health and well-being.

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Still Looking? Checkout These Alternatives

The options can be overwhelming when choosing the best dog food for your beloved Cocker Spaniel. While the main product, Royal Canin Dog Food Cocker Spaniel Dry Mix 3kg, maybe a popular choice, several alternate products are worth considering.

Royal Canin Medium Adult 7+ Dry Dog Food 4kg: If your Cocker Spaniel is getting older, this specially formulated dry dog food is an excellent choice. It is designed to support the specific needs of mature dogs, promoting healthy aging and maintaining vitality.

Royal Canin Medium Adult in Gravy Wet Food (10 x 140g Pouches): For those who prefer wet food or have a Cocker Spaniel with a finicky appetite, this wet food option is a great alternative. The gravy texture will entice even the pickiest eaters, and the 10 convenient pouches make mealtime a breeze.

Royal Canin Poodle Adult Dry Dog Food 1.5kg: While not specific to Cocker Spaniels, this dry dog food is formulated for Poodles, which share similar nutritional needs with Cocker Spaniels. It contains a combination of nutrients to support their coat health and maintain a healthy weight.

ROYAL CANIN Medium Puppy 4 kg: This dry dog food is worth considering if you have a Cocker Spaniel puppy. It is specially formulated to support their growth and development, providing all the essential nutrients they need during this crucial stage of their lives.

Royal Canin caters to different dietary preferences and specific needs by offering a range of options. Whether you’re looking for a specialized formula for an aging dog or a wet food option to tempt a picky eater, these alternate products provide great choices for your Cocker Spaniel’s nutritional needs.

Always consult with your veterinarian before making any changes to your dog’s diet, as they can provide personalized recommendations based on your dog’s specific needs.

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Royal Canin For Royal Care!

Royal Canin’s Dog Food Cocker Spaniel Dry Mix 3kg is a tailored nutrition source for our furry friends. Specifically formulated to meet the unique dietary requirements of Cocker Spaniels, this product has proven to be an exceptional choice for maintaining your beloved pet’s optimal health and vitality. Here at Bone Voyage Dog Rescue, we’ve witnessed firsthand how the proper diet can make a difference. If you’re a dog lover inspired by the care and thought that goes into this food, why not take the next step?

Many dogs in our shelter need loving homes. By adopting a dog from Bone Voyage, you’re gaining a loyal companion and giving a deserving animal a chance at a better life. Your new friend will surely appreciate the excellent taste and nutritional benefits of Royal Canin’s Cocker Spaniel Dry Mix!

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