Dogs for Adoption: Meet Your New Furry Family Member

Join Us in the Journey of Rescuing Dogs

At Bone Voyage Dog Rescue, we’re committed to rescuing dogs and placing them into loving forever homes. We fly adopted dogs to Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto, Seattle, Portland, and any other city we can reach with the help of our flight angels. With many animals awaiting their forever homes, your decision to adopt makes a huge difference.

We Love Our Adoptors!

Please take your time to fill out our adoption application in as much detail as possible. Your information helps us learn about you and ensure that our rescue dogs find the best possible match for both you and your pup’s needs and personalities. It’s an important decsion to adopt a pet and we want to match you with your new best friend 

Dog Adoption Fees

Bone Voyage Dog Rescue has adoption fees to help cover the cost of veterinary care including spay and neuter surgeries and the cost of maintaing our foster based rescue and dog shelters. We test all dogs for Heartworm, Ehrlichea, and Anaplasma. Local adoptions in Mexico cost $100 USD and adopting a dog for US and Canadian adoptions cost for $600 USD.

This fee covers everything including our flying with your dog to your airport. In addition to your adoption fee, donations are always welcome.

Want to know more? Please contact us by email at [email protected]

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I was Lonely Until I Adopted My Dog Lolly

bone voyage dog rescue

I was lonely after my partner died, so I decided to adopt a pet. I didn’t want to buy from a breeder. I wanted to save an animal’s life. led me to Lollly and Bone Voyage’s website. I was amazed by the number of adoptable pets. There was such a large dog selection compared to my local shelters. The experts and volunteers at Bone Voyage happily answered all my questions, and they guided me through everything I needed to know.

The adoption process was smooth. They had a small, medium and large dogs, both young puppies and older dogs of all breeds and mixes. A young female chihuahua mix named Lolly (Lolipop) caught my eye, and I knew she was the one. The next day I spoke to her foster mom by phone and video chat so I could get to know Lolly better.

A couple of days later my application was approved, I signed Lolly’s adoption papers online, and two weeks later the date was set for her to to be escorted by a flight angel to me in Washington state. 

A year later, I can’t imagine life without Lolly and I’m thinking about adopting a brother or sister for her. She is my best friend and gives my life love and purpose. I urge any adopters who ready for a pet to check out Bone Voyage’s website.

Mollie Williams
Bone Voyage Dog Rescue Adopter