We always have the need for foster homes to help pooches find their forever homes. 

The pooches may be street dogs, from a local shelter, surrendered dogs, or dogs getting ready for their flight north or they may be staying and just need a special place.

Whenever we ask for assistance with fostering, we try to give you an end date or specific timeframe. During that time, we hope you will try to potty train and leash train the pup as well as get him or her used to new experiences. Some will already be trained but if you are dealing with a puppy it can be more work! We want our dogs to leave the foster homes and be highly adoptable! We do our best to match your needs with the dogs’ needs.

Dogs always need love, attention and care for sometimes long periods of time, temporarily or permanently. If you have a special place for a foster, please contact us asap. Please note if you wish to adopt your foster dog locally, the adoption fee is $100 USD to cover the costs of veterinarian expenses. We test the dogs for Heartworm, Ehrlichea and Anaplasma.  Please visit our Adoption page to learn about these expenses and to complete an Adoption Application Form.

They all need some lovin'

Help us to help them ...

Looking for Love

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How About a Soft Bed?

One ear alert

Such a Contented Smile

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