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Invest in Your Happiness
and Foster A Dog

Owner with her dog

Caring For Someone Can Make Life a Whole Lot Easier And Fun.


  • You decide what size, gender, and age is right for you.
  • We supply everything: leashes, harnesses, crates, etc.
  • We pay for all medical care.
  • If you are on a budget, we will ensure you have an ample supply of kibble.
  • If it doesn’t work out with your foster, we will pick them up—no questions asked.
  • Give it a try: What do you have to lose?

The fosters for Bone Voyage are only for The Chapala lakeside or nearby areas. If you live somewhere else, please get in touch with a local shelter or independent rescuer, and they will be happy to let you foster a cute dog.

If you have questions before applying to foster, please contact us at:


dog playing the ball
Dog personality
You help us learn about the dog's personality.
Loving home
You help socialize the dog in your loving home.

Fostering increases a dog’s chance of getting adopted.

Fostering lets you enjoy a dog’s companionship without a long-term commitment.

You help a dog overcome the stress of being abandoned at a shelter.

Make A Difference In A Dog’s Life By Filling Up
The Foster Application Below

Thank you so very much for your interest in volunteer fostering with Bone Voyage! Please complete this application and we’ll contact you soon, your patience is appreciated as we are ALL volunteers.