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Since August 2018, we have flown and bussed 4000+ dogs from Mexico’s Lake Chapala communities to their forever homes in the USA and Canada. Your donation to Bone Voyage Dog Rescue helps rescue dogs from danger, malnutrition, and abuse.

ADOPTION FEES:  Bone Voyage Dog Rescue has private adoption fees to help cover the cost of vetting and transporting dogs to their adopters. Local lakeside adoptions cost $100 USD. American and Canadian private adoptions are  $600 USD for puppies up to 8 months, dogs over the age of 8 months are $500 USD, and dogs over 40 lbs are $400 USD.  

Other donations cover veterinary care for sick and injured dogs, paid foster care, spay/neuter services for street dogs and pets of low-income Mexican families. Your donations are needed and are always very much appreciated.


We have hundreds of dogs who need homes. Please help them have their forever home!

Fly them Home

People are waiting for our dogs up north. We need your help to get them there!


Dogs need to be fostered in the Lake Chapala area. Are you able to offer a temporary, loving home?


If you're interested in volunteering, please click through to see the many ways you can help.

Happy Tails!

After months of following adoptions sites, I was beginning to give up hope when I saw my Felix and knew he was my boy. I promptly put my application in. I asked the poster a few questions and was happily directed to the right people! The rest of my experience was just as amazing after my application was accepted. They kept me apprised of Felix’s arrival situations and through their Facebook pages I got connected with his foster. The ease of working with bone voyage only made me more excited to receive my pup! It will be a year in a week and Felix is the best friend I could ask for!
Devone Branne
I was having trouble adopting a dog in Canada- whenever there was a small/medium dog for adoption, there were a hundred other applicants for each dog available. I thought I would take a chance and adopt a Mexican dog. When I found the dog I wanted to adopt, I had many questions, which were answered by her wonderful foster mom.  Bone Voyage worked hard to get my new dog here as soon as possible, it took about five weeks. Little Libby arrived a bit overwhelmed and nervous from her long trip, but settled in quickly and is the sweetest little dog ever!  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this rescue again and again. Thanks Bone Voyage!
Naomi Robertson
We knew we wanted a smaller size rescue puppy and were having a hard time finding a puppy that fit what we had in mind, I somehow stumbled upon the Bone Voyage Facebook Page and it was like a lightbulb went off that this was where we would find our little pup. The night I saw a photo of our future puppy and I knew right away he was meant for us. The communication was excellent and quick, the amazing Foster mom sent us daily photos and videos and kept us updated and included the whole 5 weeks that we waited for our sweet boy. The information that was given for pick up was great and the whole experience went flawlessly. I’ve highly recommended the rescue to many and several people I know have gotten pups from them. We’re so thankful every day that Bone Voyage entrusted sweet little Oakley to our family.
Alana Turner
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