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Happy Tails!

I have supported and followed Bone Voyage Dog Rescue/Cari LeClair for quite some time now. I fell in love with one of the pups that they posted and reached out to see what I needed to do to get her here to Toronto. Within 3 weeks she was spayed, a flyer found and in my home ready to be loved. Cari immediately put me in touch with her foster mom and flyer. I can’t believe how everything was handled so smoothly and they made it such an easy process. Thank you Cari and all of the people that put all the effort into getting these dogs to good homes.
Leslie McNeil
I have adopted 2 of my dogs from Bonevoyage as well as placed many dogs from them. First and foremost the dogs always come first. The dogs have always come to me when healthy and ready for adoption. It is well known, in Mexico, that if there is a dog in need Bonevoyage is the place to call for help. Cari and the volunteers will do whatever they can to save a dog in need. Bonevoyage is incredible. Cari is dedicated to improving the life of animals who are in need. They save dogs from horrible situations and rehabilitate them using their own personal money. No matter what it takes, the team from Bone Voyage goes above the rest to save animals that can’t save themselves. If everyone could give just $20, Cari can save even more lives. Support a great cause, save a rescue.
Nicola DeSousa-Heide
About two years ago I heard about this woman living in Puerto Vallarta. Her name was Cari LeClair and she would send dogs to the United States to be adopted. The more I heard about her the more impressed I was. Well those of us trying to do dog rescue in Lake Chapala were so lucky that Cari decided to relocate here about a year and a half ago. Bone Voyage has now sent about 600 dogs in 2019 to Seattle, Portland, Las Vegas and Phoenix. These dogs are all getting adopted into forever homes. In fact my husband and I have both flown dogs to Seattle at least 4-5 times which is about 30- 35 dogs ourselves. We have also spent time at the rescue organization in Tacoma, Wet Nose Foster Paws were almost all of Bone Voyage dogs go. It is an incredible doggy daycare and the dogs are so happy there until they get adopted and they’re adopted quickly. I’m very impressed with Bone Voyage and the dedication of all the volunteers. I’m so proud to be part of that organization.
Joni Ribera

When you donate to Bone Voyage Dog Rescue through the Foundation for Lake Chapala Charities website, you are helping to rescue dogs from danger, malnutrition and abuse.

You can donate by check, cash, through PayPal or via a Wire Transfer and will receive a tax receipt from the Foundation. Every donation helps, no matter how small.