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At Bone Voyage Dog Rescue, we unite dogs from Mexico's Lake Chapala communities with their new families (that's you!) in the U.S. and Canada
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At Bone Voyage Dog Rescue, we unite dogs from Mexico’s Lake Chapala communities with their new families (that’s you!) in the U.S. and Canada

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Cozying up on the couch, talking a long walk outside, relaxing together in the backyard — life with a dog is just undeniably better. 

Here at Bone Voyage Dog Rescue, we make the adoption process easy and stress-free (for both you and our pups) so you stay excited and focused on finding the right pet to add to your life. 

Bottom line? We believe everyone deserves the perfect pet and can’t wait to help unite you with your new best friend. 

I Knew Right Away That He Was Meant for Us

I somehow stumbled upon the Bone Voyage Dog Rescue Facebook Page and it was like a lightbulb went off. This was where we would find our little pup. The night I saw a photo of our future puppy, I knew right away he was meant for us. The communication was excellent and quick, the amazing Foster mom sent us daily photos and videos the whole 5 weeks that we waited for our sweet boy. We’re so thankful every day that Bone Voyage Dog Rescue entrusted sweet little Oakley to our family.

Alana Turner
Bone Voyage Dog Rescue Adopter

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Libby Healed the Hole in my Heart

bone voyage dog rescue

When I decided to adopt a pet, I was directed to Bone Voyage. On their website, I found dogs of every breed and age, both large and small. Each dog’s profile was comprehensive, helping me learn about their unique needs.

One profile, of a small breed close to two years old, caught my eye. Feeling an instant match, I decided to fill out the adoption application on the page, and I easily submitted my details.

Bone Voyage’s dedicated volunteers review applications to ensure a proper match. A few days post my submission, I received a phone call from a volunteer who discussed my application and prepared me for the adoption.

From the date I applied to bringing my new friend home, Bone Voyage guided me through each step. So, if you’re considering adopting, I recommend clicking through Bone Voyage’s profiles—you might find your perfect pet match.

Naomi Robertson
Bone Voyage Dog Rescue Adopter

How It works

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We’ve Got a Rock Solid Process

4,000+ dogs have been hand-delivered by our team to their furever homes in the U.S. and Canada.

You’ll Receive a Happy, Healthy Pooch

They come with a clean bill of health and we’ve not dealt with a single case of heartworm yet.

We’ve Tailored the Adoption Process to Your Needs

Our dogs love life with a foster family while awaiting their new home. During adoption, you can expect regular updates from us and their foster parents.

Finding the Right Pup Doesn’t Have to be Tough

Many families in the U.S. and Canada can’t wait to introduce a new pup to their home. But when they hear Bone Voyage Dog Rescue is located in Mexico it raises questions. Completely understandable.

Yes, not being local does alter the adoption process a bit—but not as much as you might think. Plus, there are some nice benefits too.

    • Our shelter is run by U.S. and Canadian ex-pats, so we speak your language and understand how much this means to you. 
    • Our team rescues dogs off the streets, gets them healthy, and then partners with you to offer them the next chapter in their new lease on life. 
    • Unlike many local shelters in your community, we don’t have heartworm outbreaks (a life-threatening issue for many pets living in shelters). 
    • The cost of veterinary care is much lower here which means not only can you save a life—it’s comparable to adopting a dog at your local shelter. 
    • We don’t dropship animals. Our volunteers fly alongside your new furry friend and then hand deliver them to you at the airport.
    • We fly dogs to any city for which we have a flight angel, including Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto, Seattle, and Portland.

We’re here to give you peace of mind that your new family member is safe, healthy, and excited to meet you!

I Saw Felix and Knew He Was My Boy

bone voyage dog rescue

After months of looking at adoptable animals, I was beginning to give up hope when I saw my Felix and knew he was my boy. I promptly put my application in. I asked the poster a few questions and was happily directed to the right people! The rest of my experience was just as amazing after my adoption application was accepted. The adoptions team kept me apprised of Felix’s arrival situations and through their Facebook pages I got connected with his foster. The ease of working with bone voyage only made me more excited to receive my pup! It will be year in a week and Felix is the best friend I could ask for!

Devon Brianne
Bone Voyage Dog Rescue Adopter

Make A Doggone Difference

Not ready to adopt, but still want to save a life? Consider spaying it forward or putting together a pet-friendly planned giving bequest. Every time you give, it’s making a tangible difference.

Taco is My New Best Friend!

bone voyage dog rescue

My journey with Bone Voyage and their volunteers went great. I clicked on their website and was met with a variety of available dogs for adoption, including puppies and small, medium to large breeds. Each dog’s profile was detailed with breed, age, and type, providing clear information about the pets.

Filling out the adoption application was straightforward. After submitting my application, the volunteers reviewed it, and Flora phoned me in Canada to discuss my living area and pet care experience. Her desire to ensure match between dogs and adopters was very evident.

After my adoption application was approved, I eagerly checked my email until I received the flight date from Flora, and she provided extra information for Canelita’s dog flight to Canada.

The process didn’t end with adoption. Bone Voyage encouraged me to share my experience on social media. They’re committed to their animals’ well-being and finding the right homes for them.

Now, my home is full of love and kisses from new fur baby, Taco. If you’re looking to adopt, reach out to Bone Voyage and check out their dogs available for adoption – you may find your new best friend.

Bill Robins, Ashcroft, BC
Bone Voyage Dog Rescue Adopter