Adopting older dogs: 3 Reasons Why They Might Be Your Perfect Companions

April 7, 2023
Annette Thompson

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Are you considering getting a new dog but need to decide what age range to adopt?

While puppies may be cute and energetic, adopting older dogs might be the best option. Rescuing a senior dog will bring you a pup with age, wisdom, and maturity; you might find them already house-trained, and rescuing them from a shelter can be the ultimate gesture of kindness toward doggies. In this article, we will explore why adopting older dogs could be your best decision.

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Wisdom, and Maturity. One of the main benefits of adopting older dogs is their age, wisdom, and maturity. They are often calmer and more relaxed, which makes them perfect for individuals who prefer a more relaxed lifestyle. They have already been through their active and energetic phase, so you don’t have to worry about dealing with the excess energy and mischievous behavior that can come with younger dogs. Senior dogs also understand commands and training better, making them easier to manage and more enjoyable to spend time with.

Already House-Trained. Another advantage of adopting older dogs is that they are often already house-trained. Therefore, you don’t have to go through the time-consuming and sometimes frustrating process of house-training a younger dog. Instead, you can focus on building a strong bond with your new companion and enjoying their company. 

A Gesture of Kindness

Sometimes senior dogs spend years and years in the shelter, and they have forgotten what it is like to live with a lovely family. Adopting older dogs, giving a them a loving home can help them enjoy their golden years and provide them with the care and attention they need. Adopting older dogs is also an extra gesture of kindness, as they are often overlooked in shelters in favor of younger dogs. Not only will you provide a home for a dog in need, but you will also create a solid bond with your new companion that will last for years to come. 

Adopting an older dog pros and cons

The pros of adopting older dogs were just mentioned, such as they are mature dogs, they might need less physical activity, they might be already house-trained, and it’s an ultimate gesture of kindness.

While there are many benefits to adopting an older dog, there are also some disadvantages that should be considered before making a decision:

  1. Health issues: Older dogs are likelier to have health problems such as arthritis, vision and hearing loss, and other age-related conditions. These can require more frequent visits to the vet and may require additional medical expenses.
  2.  Limited time: Because older dogs have already lived a portion of their lives, adopting one means you have less time with them than if you were to adopt a puppy or younger dog.
  3.  Behavior problems: Some older dogs may have developed bad habits or behavioral issues that are difficult to break. Training them out of these behaviors may require additional time and effort.
  4.  Attachment: Older dogs may already be attached to their previous owners, and it can take time and patience for them to bond with their new family.


In conclusion, adopting a 5 year old dog, or maybe even older, can be one of the best decisions ever; seniors make great companions for several reasons. They have age, wisdom, and maturity, which means they have more experience as pets and know what to expect and what is expected of them. They are often already house-trained and well-mannered, making them a joy. Additionally, their energy levels are generally lower, making them a good fit for individuals who prefer a more relaxed lifestyle. Adopting a senior dog is not only a rewarding experience but also a compassionate choice that can make a significant difference in the life of an older pet.



1. From what age are dogs considered senior?

The age at which a dog is considered a senior can vary depending on their breed and size. Generally, dogs between 7 to 10 years of age are considered seniors. However, larger breeds tend to have shorter lifespans so that they may be regarded as seniors earlier; for example, a Grand Dane can be considered senior from 5 years old, while smaller breeds may not be regarded as seniors until they are 10-12 years old. It’s important to note that individual dogs can age differently, so it’s best to consult with a veterinarian who can assess your dog’s personal health and aging process.

2. Are senior dogs more expensive to care for?

Adopting older dogs is not necessarily more expensive. While senior dogs may require more frequent vet visits and specialized care, they may also be more laid-back and require less exercise and attention than younger dogs.

3. Are senior dogs still trainable?

Yes, senior dogs can still learn new things and enjoy training sessions. However, picking up new commands may take them longer.

4. What health issues do senior dogs commonly face?

Senior dogs may be more prone to health issues such as arthritis, dental problems, and vision and hearing loss. It’s essential to provide them with regular vet check-ups, a nutritious diet, and exercise to help prevent and manage these issues.

5. Can senior dogs still have a good quality of life?

Absolutely! When adopting older dogs, they can enjoy a happy and healthy life with proper care and attention. They may require some extra TLC, but they can still provide their owners love and companionship for many years.

6. What to buy when adopting a senior dog?

Most of the things to buy when adopting older dogs are the same as you would need for any dog; here is a list of things you might need.

  1. Dog bed: A comfortable dog bed is essential for any dog, but it can be especially beneficial for seniors with joint pain or arthritis. Look for a mattress that offers good support and is easy to clean.
  2.  Food and water bowls: Make sure to choose bowls that are the appropriate size for your dog and easy to clean. Consider raising bowls if your senior dog has trouble bending down to eat.
  3.  Senior dog food: Senior dogs have different nutritional needs than younger dogs, so choose a high-quality dog food specially formulated for old dogs.
  4.  Treats can be a great way to bond with your new dog and reward good behavior. Look for treats that are low in calories and easy to chew.
  5.  Leash and collar: A sturdy leash and collar are essential for taking your dog on walks and keeping them safe. You may also consider a harness if your dog has mobility issues.
  6.  Toys: Toys can help keep your senior dog mentally and physically active. Look for toys that are soft and easy to chew.
  7.  Grooming supplies: Depending on your dog’s coat type, you may need to invest in grooming supplies like a brush or comb, nail clippers, and shampoo.
  8.  Dog ramp or steps: If your senior dog has trouble climbing stairs or getting onto the couch or bed, a dog ramp or steps can be an excellent investment.
  9.  Supplements: Depending on your senior dog’s health needs, your vet may recommend supplements like joint supplements or vitamins.
7. Where can I find senior dog adoption near me?

You can look for local shelters in your area. Indeed, they will have a senior dog with them. Otherwise, you can see our older dogs for adoption (we fly them to different cities in the like Portland, Denver, Seattle, Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto or any other city you need why find a volunteer to fly the dogs). One of them might be just around your corner! In Mexico, many senior dogs are on the streets or in shelters for their entire life; you can make a real difference by adopting one of them!

8. Is it a good idea to get an older dog?

Absolutely! It is a great idea to get an older dog. Having to consider the disadvantages of adopting older dogs, such as their shorter lifespan and health issues they might encounter sooner, it is evident that it is entirely worthwhile to get one; they can costume easily to the new house, they are charming, and you will make the entire world of difference to them.

9. Do older dogs bond with new owners?

Yes, they do bond with new owners. Dogs, by nature, are social creatures that bond very quickly with humans. When you bring a dog home, they will connect and act gratefully towards you when they see that you care, pet, and love them.

10. What is the best age to adopt a rescue dog

When adopting a rescue dog, the best age is the age of the dog you choose. When adopting dogs from Mexico, you should choose a dog at least eight months old so it’s cheaper, safer, and more accessible for the dog to take a plane.

11. Do people like adopting older dogs?

If you google “adopting older dogs Reddit,” you will find tons of success histories of families adopting older dogs and people being extremely happy with that decision; even though it comes with its perks, it’s a life-changing experience to save the life of a doggie that was condemned to spend their lifetime in a shelter. You will feel so much gratitude towards you that it will be worth it.

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