Top 5 Reasons Why Dogs Are Better Than People

July 13, 2023
Annette Thompson

Suppose you want proof of why dogs are better than people. Here are some reasons. While it can be unfair to compare two very different species, there are arguments to be made on why dogs are better than people.

From their quirky habits to their protective nature towards their loved ones, these hilarious reasons will leave you in tears!

So get ready to laugh aloud as we explore why dogs are the best!

Key Takeaways

  • Dogs offer unconditional love and emotional support that is hard to find in people.
  • Dogs have a happy-go-lucky attitude and are always ready for an adventure, making them great road trip companions.
  • Dogs have hilarious quirks and can make us laugh, whereas people can often be too serious.
  • They can be protective to their family.
  • We should not develop contempt for people for being flawed or evil. When people do wrong is either because they are suffering or are ignorant.
  • Many people are nice and work full-time as volunteers to rescue dogs (as in Bone Voyage Dog Rescue).

1. Unconditional Love

why dogs are better than people

Dogs’ unconditional love is unparalleled; they’ll never judge you for your mistakes or wrong decisions. Spending time with your pup can be a great way to de-stress, relax, and enjoy life.

They will provide emotional support no matter what situation you find yourself in – even when people let us down. Dogs will always be there for us, offering comfort and joy that are hard to come by elsewhere.

The bond between dogs and their owners is extraordinary – more so than any other relationship! You can trust your pup to give you loyal companionship and unconditional affection, no strings attached.

Dogs never expect something in return and will spend days just by your side. They’re also eager to please their humans, making them an ideal companion for feeling loved and appreciated daily.

A canine friend can bring warmth and positivity into our lives like nothing else can. We all need someone who loves us unconditionally, no matter how difficult life may get – and dogs are the perfect choice for that role!

Their presence helps remind us of all the good things in life while providing us with endless joy.

2. Sense of Adventure

why dogs are better than people

Pups frolicking through the woods embrace an unending sense of adventure. With no agenda but to explore and enjoy the journey, they can appreciate nature in all its glory. Whether chasing a squirrel up a tree or merely enjoying the fresh air, dogs know how to have fun.

From playing catch on the beach to swimming laps in the lake, they can also explore water sports. Some canines even participate in outdoor activities like hiking and camping with their owners. Each new experience comes with an opportunity for learning and growth, much more than exercise. It’s about connecting with nature and discovering something new together.

Dogs always amaze us with their enthusiasm for simple pleasures like catching fireflies and stomping through mud puddles – things we may not even think twice about! It’s easy to get caught up in our routines, but watching your pup run free is a gentle reminder that there is beauty all around us if we only stop to look.

So next time your pup begs you for a walk, say yes! You’ll both benefit from exploring unknown territory – who knows what surprises will appear along the way?

3. They’re Always Up for a Good Time

No matter how busy your day may be, you can always count on your pup to be up for a good time! Whether digging in the dirt or playing tug-of-war, they’ll happily join in the fun and provide an unforgettable experience that will leave you feeling energized and connected.

Puppy antics make us laugh – from their wagging tails and playful barks to their friendly mannerisms toward other animals. Not only do they remind us of our inner child, but their enthusiasm for life is contagious and inspiring.

Making friends with new people can be difficult and awkward, but dogs have no problem bridging the gap between strangers – often causing them to become fast friends in minutes. This is due to their lack of prejudice; all dogs see each other as part of one big family regardless of breed or size. They also recognize that we humans are part of that same family, which makes connecting with them so comfortable and effortless.

Your pup has an energy that pulls people together, a bond unlike any other. This connection brings out the best in us – reminding us what it means to live in the moment without judgment or worry – something we could all use more practice these days!

4. They’re Protective of Their Loved Ones

Your pup’s instinct to protect you and your loved ones is undeniable. They’ll show loyalty to you and your family in any situation, ready to alert you whenever danger appears. Whether it’s barking at strangers or just keeping a watchful eye, they’re always on alert.

Dogs have the power to sense when something isn’t quite right and will be sure to let you know about it. They can read body language and pick up on subtle cues people don’t notice. This can make them great guardians of your home and family as they can pick up on potential threats before anyone else.

Even if no one else is around, your pup will stay vigilant until help arrives! It’s almost like having a real-life security system that loves you unconditionally.

No matter what kind of trouble unexpectedly pops up, your pup is always there for you with unwavering loyalty. They may not talk much, but they know how to show it! With their fierce protection and loving devotion, dogs are one of life’s greatest gifts – far better than any human ever could be!

5. They Have Hilarious Quirks

You’ll never be bored when you have a dog! They have hilarious quirks. They love to lick your face and hands, howl with sirens, and fetch anything thrown. They also enjoy car rides no matter the length and happily nap or sit in the strangest places. Dogs are always up for an adventure or just snuggling on the couch. They’re truly one of the best companions anyone could ask for!

They Howl at Sirens

When you hear a siren, your pup may be tempted to join in with a howl of their own! This is one of the many hilarious reasons dogs are better than people, as people (usually) don’t howl at sirens. Dogs love to express themselves by howling at sirens, and it’s often quite entertaining.

Not only that, but they may even challenge other nearby pups to see who can bark the loudest during these contests. You might join the fun by singing along in a howling duet with your furry friend!

Amazingly, these loyal companions enjoy participating in barking contests and howling duets, something that most humans would never attempt.

They Love Playing Fetch

Unlike howling at sirens, dogs love playing fetch and excel at it. They get excited when you throw a ball, and their playful barks fill the area.

You can’t help but feel happy as you watch them run around with joy, chasing after the object. As soon as they catch it in their mouth, they turn around and bring it back to you, waiting for another round of fetch.

It’s genuinely unique how much they love playing this game. It always puts a smile on your face.

They Enjoy Car Rides

You’ll often find your pup eagerly awaiting car rides, their tail wagging excitedly. It’s almost as if they can sense the fun you’re about to have!

They love feeling the wind in their fur and being part of whatever adventure you’re off on. And if you practice good car riding etiquette, they’ll enjoy it even more. Make sure to buckle them up so that they stay safe during the ride, and keep windows partially open for ventilation.

Regular breaks will also help ensure their comfort and safety on a long road trip. Plus, with some training beforehand, your pup can follow basic road trip safety commands like ‘stay,’ ‘heel,’ or ‘settle.’

why dogs are better than people

A Balanced Perspective – The Virtues of People and Heroes

While dogs can have unconditional love, be funny, loyal, and so. And there are also very nasty people; we shouldn’t fall into nihilism and remember that many people with virtues and heroes do a lot of good for people, animals, and the environment.

It’s crucial to avoid generalizing and condemning all people based on the actions of a few. Just as dogs have unique qualities, humans also possess virtues like empathy, kindness, compassion, and courage. Many individuals dedicate their lives to helping others, both humans and animals alike. By acknowledging and appreciating these virtues, we can cultivate a sense of hope and inspiration in the potential for goodness within humanity.

It is also worthwhile to remember that when people do wrong is either because they are suffering or because they are ignorant, so let’s not assume that all people are stupid and evil. Some are, (particullarly people in power), but it’s not healthy for people and dogs to hate everyone that is not a dog. We recommend you to be like us in Bone Voyage, we love dogs and we also love nice people.



Dogs provide us with a sense of adventure and unconditional love that can’t be found in any other creature. They’re always up for a good time and will protect their loved ones without hesitation. Plus, their hilarious quirks make them even more endearing.

And while some people can be unreasonable, many people are so compassionate that they have helped many persons and animals, such as Bone Voyage Dog Rescue volunteers.

At Bone Voyage, we rescue street dogs and send them wholly vaccinated, spayed/neutered, and dewormed to the USA and Canada.

If you want to make a difference and provide a home to one of our shelter dogs, look at our lovely dogs.

Or, if you want to be a truly good and compassionate person, please consider donating to Bone Voyage; you can present the amount you prefer. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes dogs better than humans?

There is no reason to make the comparison, but dogs offer unconditional love and support; they are always happy to play or cuddle, and they don’t talk.

Why dogs are better than people quote?

“Dogs are better than humans because they know but do not tell.”

-Emily Dickson.

Why are dogs better friends than humans?

Because they love us unconditionally and they are unable to commit treasome. But there are still some humans that can be bring a lifelong unconditional friendship.

Do dogs live better than humans?

It depends on socioeconomic status and general well-being. For example, a mid-class person certainly lives better than a pregnant stray dog; in the same vein, it can be argued that a dog that lives with a wealthy family lives better than a farmer that cannot grow any more food because of the droughts provoked by climate change.

Why are dogs more loyal than humans?

A dog’s loyalty to a human is impossible to compare to the loyality a human can have to another human, dogs depend on people for being fed, therefore they tend to be a friend that is always around and caring, as they have evolve to be alongside to their person, nomatter what.

Also, dogs cannot be disloyal to humans because they cannot lie, misguide, cheat, etc., as it is entirely possible as a human being to do it to another person and vice versa; people can be loyal avoiding this nasty behavior, but dogs can’t. 

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