Pet Pride Grilled Variety Pack Dog Food Review [2023]

August 25, 2023
Annette Thompson

Today, I’m excited to share my experience with the Pet Pride Grilled Variety Pack Dog Food 12 ct/5.3 oz. As a dog owner, I always seek high-quality and delicious food options for my furry friend. After trying out this product, here’s what I have to say.

Pet Pride Grilled Variety Pack Dog Food Content Image
Pet Pride Grilled Variety Pack Dog Food

Pros and Cons

What We Liked

  • My Boston Terrier loved the beef-flavored food. It was a hit with him!
  •  The chicken flavor was a hit with my friend’s dog, so it’s excellent for different taste preferences.
  •  The product arrived fresh and ready to serve, ensuring the best quality for our furry pals.

What Can Be Improved

  • The price of this product is on the higher side compared to similar options available at other stores.
  •  One customer mentioned that the food was watery and had a bad smell, suggesting inconsistencies in the quality.

Quick Verdict: Pet Pride Grilled Variety Pack Dog Food

Overall, the Pet Pride Grilled Variety Pack Dog Food is a good option if you’re looking to pamper your canine with some tasty grilled flavors. However, I’d recommend checking for better prices elsewhere to ensure you get the best value. If your dog prefers beef or chicken, this variety pack is perfect for catering to their taste buds. Check it out on Amazon!

Unboxing: What’s Inside?

I recently purchased the Pet Pride Grilled Variety Pack Dog Food 12 ct/5.3 oz (Single Box) on Amazon. Being a pet owner in the USA, I wanted to provide my beloved dog with various flavors, and this product was the perfect fit. I was excited to receive the delivery promptly within a week.

Upon opening the package, I found that the box was empty.


The Pet Pride Grilled Variety Pack Dog Food 12 ct/5.3 oz (Single Box) is a 63.6-ounce unit. Each item in the box is in a gravy form and is intended for adult dogs. The flavor of the dog food is beef. The brand is Pet Pride, and the ASIN is B07FLCPFKM. Kroger manufactures this product, made available on July 14, 2018. The package dimensions are 9.13 x 7.05 x 3.58 inches, weighing 4.32 pounds. It is important to note that the manufacturer has continued this product.


The product did not come with any documentation or user guide. Although this was not a significant issue, having a user guide would have helped ensure I adequately fed my dog and understood any specific instructions or guidelines. If a user guide were provided, it would greatly assist pet owners in providing the best care for their dogs. For more information, you can visit this store on Amazon.

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Features – What We Found

Grilled Variety Pack of Dog Food

The Pet Pride Grilled Variety Pack Dog Food offers a delicious assortment of flavors to satisfy your furry friend’s taste buds. With 12 cans included in a single box, each can weigh 5.3 ounces, your dog will have a variety of options to choose from. This ensures that mealtime remains exciting and enjoyable for your pet.

Pro-tip: One way to make mealtime even more fun is to rotate between different flavors from the variety pack. This adds more excitement to your dog’s meal and allows you to cater to their preferences and prevent them from getting bored with the same flavor every day.

Convenient Single Packaging

The Pet Pride Grilled Variety Pack comes in a single box, making it easy to store and organize. The compact packaging ensures you can neatly stack the cans in your pantry or cupboard without wasting excessive space. With the product_link provided, you can conveniently order it online and deliver it to your doorstep without hassle.

Pro-tip: To ensure the freshness of the dog food, store the unopened cans in a cool and dry place. Once opened, any remaining food should be stored in an airtight container or covered with a lid before placing it in the refrigerator. This will help maintain the quality and extend its shelf life.

High-Quality Ingredients

Pet Pride Grilled Variety Pack Dog Food is made with high-quality ingredients carefully selected to provide a balanced and nutritious meal for your beloved pet. The ingredients used in this dog food are designed to promote overall health and well-being, ensuring that your dog receives all the essential nutrients they need for a healthy lifestyle.

Pet Pride Grilled Variety Pack Dog Food contains proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals to support healthy growth, energy levels, and a robust immune system. The grilled flavors add an enticing aroma and taste that will leave your dog eagerly waiting for mealtime.

Satisfying Portion Size

The 5.3-ounce portion size of each can in the Pet Pride Grilled Variety Pack is ideal for most dog breeds and sizes. It provides a satisfying meal that will keep your dog full and nourished. Whether you have a small or large dog, this portion size allows you to easily control the amount you feed them, preventing overeating or wastage of food.

Pro-tip: It’s essential to follow the feeding guidelines provided on the packaging and consult with your veterinarian to determine the recommended portion size for your specific dog based on their age, weight, and activity level. This will ensure you provide them with the right food to maintain a healthy weight.

Nutritional Benefits for Optimal Health

The Pet Pride Grilled Variety Pack Dog Food offers a range of nutritional benefits that contribute to your dog’s overall health. The balanced blend of proteins, vitamins, and minerals promotes healthy muscle development, supports a shiny coat, improves digestion, and boosts the immune system.

Pet Pride Grilled Variety Pack Dog Food is designed to provide optimal nutrition and fuel your dog’s energy levels, allowing them to lead an active and happy life. The carefully selected ingredients work together to address specific health needs and support your dog’s well-being from the inside out.

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Our Review and More

Our Score: 83.0

I recently tried the Pet Pride Grilled Variety Pack Dog Food, and I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and taste. My Boston Terrier loved the beef flavor and devoured every bite. Although he didn’t enjoy the chicken as much as the beef, my friend’s dog loved it, so it worked out great for us. The product arrived fresh, and the packaging was intact, ensuring the food’s quality.

One thing I noticed is that the price is higher than what it should be. Another reviewer mentioned that they found it for a lower price at Kroger, which makes me wonder if there might be a pricing error. However, despite the price, the product is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to treat their dog to a high-quality and tasty meal.

On the downside, I must admit that I could have been happier with the consistency of the food. It was too watery for my liking and had an unpleasant smell. This wasn’t very pleasant and made me question the quality control of the product. I hope this was just a one-off occurrence and doesn’t reflect the overall quality of Pet Pride Grilled Variety Pack Dog Food.

Overall, I give Pet Pride Grilled Variety Pack Dog Food a score of 83.0. Despite the pricing issue and inconsistency, the taste and freshness of the food make it a worthwhile choice for your furry friend. If you want to try it, you can find it here.

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