Lynnwood Paws: Paws-itive Perks of Exquisite Animals & Services!

May 12, 2023
Annette Thompson

Lynnwood Paws is a pet store located in the heart of Washington state. It’s been around for decades, providing locals with a wide variety of animals and all the supplies they need to take care of them.

From cats and dogs to reptiles and birds, this family-owned business has something for everyone who loves their furry friends! Lynnwood Paws has it all, whether you’re looking for your next best friend or just some new toys and treats.

Read on to learn more about what makes this beloved pet shop unique.

A Wide Variety of Animals are Available at Lynnwood Paws

At Lynnwood Paws, we are proud to host various animals. With over 300 species in our care, ranging from small mammals like hamsters and guinea pigs to giant reptiles such as iguanas and pythons, there’s something for everyone!

Studies show that pet therapy can reduce stress by up to 30%, making it an ideal addition to any home or workplace.

When you adopt one of our pets, you gain a new companion and the assurance that your animal has been well-looked after. Our team is dedicated to understanding each creature’s patterns and providing the best possible environment while they’re wood Paws. We provide comprehensive training resources so that all adopters know to ensure their new pet enjoys a happy life.

We understand just how unique these creatures are – inside and outside our facility – so we strive to make adopting from us an enjoyable experience for everybody involved. That way, when you take your beloved fur baby home, they’ll be welcomed into a loving family who cares about their wellbeing.

Lynnwood Paws Quality Supplies and Accessories

At Lynnwood Paws, we believe in providing quality supplies and accessories for your pet that are both reliable and affordable. With a wide variety of pet-friendly products, you can find the perfect item to make your furry friend feel comfortable and safe at home.

We strive to offer natural alternatives to traditional store-bought Pet items whenever possible. Our selection includes:

  • Organic treats made with all-natural ingredients
  • Eco-friendly toys designed with sustainable materials
  • Biodegradable waste bags that break down over time

Plus, each product is thoroughly tested by our team before being added to the shop!

Our commitment to quality doesn’t stop there – we also provide helpful tips on caring for your pets through educational articles and videos on our website. We understand that owning a pet is a huge responsibility, so we want to ensure you have as much information as possible when deciding about your health and happiness.

We also offer natural grooming products to keep your pet looking and feeling their best.

Experienced and Knowledgeable Staff at Lynnwood Paws

Our experienced and knowledgeable staff at Lynnwood Paws are the key to providing outstanding pet care services. Our team members have extensive animal health and welfare qualifications, enabling them to provide personalized service for your furry family members.

All of our employees go through rigorous training and background checks before they become a part of the Lynnwood Paws team. We hire professionals with excellent credentials and encourage continuing education and professional development opportunities, so our team can stay up-to-date on the latest advances in veterinary medicine.

We ensure our staff remains current on canine nutrition, behavior modification techniques, preventative healthcare protocols, and other relevant subjects. We take great pride in our commitment to excellence at Lynnwood Paws.

From the moment you walk into our facility, you will be greeted by friendly faces dedicated to offering exceptional care for pets of any size or breed. We strive to create an environment where humans and animals feel safe, respected, and valued – all while receiving top-notch medical attention from qualified veterinarians who love animals as you do!

Lynnwood Paws Grooming Services

At Lynnwood Paws, we take pet safety and grooming services seriously. Our experienced staff provides top-notch care for your furry friends that is second to none! From baths to brushing and nail trims, we have the expertise and training required to keep every pet looking their best:

  1. Bathing: We use gentle shampoos with natural ingredients specifically designed for various fur types.
  2. Brushing: Regular brushing keeps coats healthy and detangles hair, preventing matting or knots from forming. Plus, it can help reduce shedding – perfect if you’re trying to keep your home free of pet hair!
  3. Nail Trimming: To ensure the safe trimming of nails, our staff are trained in proper techniques and tips on making the process go smoothly for both pet and owner alike.

We understand that each pet’s needs for grooming may differ – whether they have sensitive skin or don’t like being groomed – so our team makes sure to tailor their approach accordingly.

That way, you can rest assured knowing that your beloved companion receives only the highest quality care at all times, with safety being our number one priority here at Lynnwood Paws!

Lynnwood Paws Adoption and Rescue Programs

At Lynnwood Paws, we believe in the importance of animal welfare and are passionate about providing quality care for all animals. We offer several adoption and rescue programs to ensure every pet has an opportunity for a safe and loving home.

Our adoption process is designed to match potential owners with their perfect companions. We carefully screen each applicant before allowing them to adopt one of our pets so that they can provide the right environment for their new family member.

Our foster program provides temporary homes for animals until they find permanent owners. This gives us time to assess each individual’s behavior and adjust it accordingly while ensuring they get plenty of love and affection in a comfortable setting.

We take pride that nearly 95% of the animals brought into our facility find a forever home within six months or less. Through these efforts, we hope to ensure no pet is ever left behind and give them a chance at a happy life alongside someone who loves them unconditionally.

We strive to create positive outcomes for people and animals by promoting responsible pet ownership through education, advocacy, public awareness, and community outreach.

Pet Care Classes Offered by Lynnwood Paws

At Lynnwood Paws, we offer pet care classes to help owners get the most out of their furry friends. Our alternative training and socialization techniques are designed to provide a holistic approach to pet ownership.

This includes learning basic commands such as sit, stay, and come and more advanced behaviors like walking on a leash and coming when called. Our classes also focus on teaching new tricks, playing games with your pet, providing quality nutrition for optimal health, preventing destructive behavior from developing by redirecting energy into positive outlets, and understanding the importance of proper socialization.

We strive to make sure each puppy has the best possible start in life so they can create lasting bonds with their families. We believe all pets deserve love and attention regardless of breed or age, so our instructors prioritize safety over competition-based activities.

We want each pup to feel safe while having fun! With this type, you’ll enjoy bonding with your pet while building trust between owner and animal.

  • Store-bought foods:
  • Pros – Easily accessible and convenient with controlled ingredients and nutrients
  • Cons – Potentially contain low-quality ingredients or fillers
  • Homemade Diets:
  • Pros – Allows owners control over the quality of ingredients used in meals
  • Cons – May not provide all necessary vitamins and minerals if not formulated adequately by experts
  • Raw Feeding:
  • Pros – Provides natural sources of essential fatty acids, amino acids, enzymes, and other beneficial components that can be difficult to replicate otherwise
  • Cons – Requires careful preparation as certain meats may contain harmful bacteria or parasites

No matter what type of diet you decide on for your beloved companion(s), always remember to consult with your veterinarian beforehand! They will be able to help provide information specific to the unique nutritional needs of each animal.

Veterinary Services at Lynnwood Paws

At Lynnwood Paws, we provide a wide range of veterinary services to ensure the health and well-being of your pet. Our expert veterinarians are dedicated to delivering preventative care for all animals, big or small. We offer everything from routine check-ups to specialized medical treatments.

In addition to our comprehensive veterinary services, we specialize in pet training. Whether you have a new puppy who needs potty training or an older dog that needs help with obedience commands, our experienced trainers can help get them on track quickly and easily.

Training Program Description Cost
Puppy Training Basic housebreaking & socialization skills (6 weeks) $200
Obedience Training Behavioral modification & basic obedience commands (8 weeks) $300
Advanced Obedience TrainingCues such as heel, stay & come when called (10 weeks) $400

Our professional trainers will work one-on-one with you and your pet so they learn proper behavior techniques tailored to their individual needs. With our proven methods, you’ll be able to enjoy quality time together and build a lifelong bond with your furry family member!

Lynnwood Paws Pet Insurance and Financial Assistance

At Lynnwood Paws, we understand how important keeping your pet healthy and happy is. That’s why we provide our customers with various pet insurance options and financial aid programs that can help ease the financial burden of affording quality care for their furry friends.

Below are just a few of the excellent pet insurance options you’ll find at Lynnwood Paws:

  • Comprehensive coverage plans
  • Deductible-free policies
  • Accident and illness coverage
  • Emergency veterinary services
  • Routine care plans

Additionally, there are several different financial aid programs offered by Lynnwood Paws as well, including grants, discounts on medication or procedures, low-cost spay/neuter clinics, free vet advice online, and more.

All these resources can help make caring for your pet easier financially. Finding the right health plan for them should be easy and stress-free no matter what stage of your pet’s life – from puppyhood to senior years.

We hope that together we can ensure the long-term health of all pets without breaking the bank.


Lynnwood Paws Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Services

At Lynnwood Paws, we prioritize pet-parent peace of mind. Our professional pet sitters and dog walkers provide personalized exercise regimens and safe playdates to ensure your furry family members remain happy and healthy while you’re away.

Our team of certified caregivers offers attentive care tailored to each unique pup. From getting to know our furry clients’ personalities and preferences to keep detailed logs of their daily activities, we strive for excellence in every interaction with your canine companion.

Regular walks on a leash or off, indoor games like fetch or tug-of-war, supervised outdoor adventures—we handle it all with kindness and compassion.

The next time you need a trusted caregiver for your pup, look no further than Lynnwood Paws! We guarantee that we’ll treat your four-legged friend as if they were one of our own—with plenty of love, attention, affection, and enrichment throughout the day.

In-Store Events by Lynnwood Paws

At Lynnwood Paws, we understand that pet owners have a bond with their companion animals like no other. That’s why allowing our customers to attend pet-friendly events and take home animal-friendly products is essential.

Our in-store events bring together people who share a love of animals and allow them to connect while learning more about how they can best care for their pets. We host regular nutrition and health seminars, training tips and tricks, and fun activities such as agility courses or doggy playdates. We also feature local vendors specializing in animal-friendly products, including toys, bedding, grooming supplies, food, treats, and more.

Whether you’re looking for something special for your furry friend or want to stay up-to-date on the latest pet trends, our in-store events will be informative and enjoyable for everyone involved. At Lynnwood Paws, we strive to create an environment where all two-legged and four creatures are welcomed warmly into our shop.

We invite you to visit us soon; something new is always happening!

Lynnwood Paws Pet Photography

At Lynnwood Paws, we understand the importance of capturing those special moments between pet and owner. One example is our client, Mrs. Smith, whose beloved Beagle had recently passed away; she wanted to commemorate her faithful companion with a beautiful portrait that would last forever.

We strive to capture each individual’s personality and relationship with their pet during our shoots. Our team takes time to get to know the animals before snapping any shots, so they can ensure that everyone involved feels comfortable and relaxed throughout the process. This makes for an enjoyable experience for all involved—not just us as photographers but also the pet owners!

Our photographs are crafted with care from start to finish—from catching candid moments in real-life situations to fine-tuning light balance and color corrections via intuitive photo editing software.

With years of expertise in both photography and working with animals, Lynnwood Paws provides exceptional results every time – cherished memories you’ll have for many years to come.

Lynnwood Paws Loyalty Programs

At Lynnwood Paws, we recognize that the bond between a pet and its owner is irreplaceable. That’s why we’ve decided to reward our customers for their loyalty.

Our loyalty program offers unique benefits to show appreciation for those who choose us as their go-to pet photography provider.

With this system, members can accumulate points with each purchase they make at Lynnwood Paws. These points can be used towards discounts on future in-store purchases of services or products.

We also have exclusive deals and promotions for our loyalty program members!

We understand how important it is for pets and owners alike to stay connected through photos. This is why we strive to create unique experiences built around excellent customer service and rewards from our reward systems and loyalty points.

So join us today at Lynnwood Paws!

Benefits of Loyalty Programs:

  • Accumulate points with every purchase you make
  • Exclusive deals & promotions available only to loyal customers
  • Redeem accumulated points for discounts

Lynnwood Paws Pet Memorial Services

At Lynnwood Paws, we understand the pain of losing a beloved pet. Our Pet Memorial Services are designed to help you honor and remember your lost companion with dignity, respect, and love. We offer traditional burial and cremation services so that no matter what option you choose for honoring your lost pet, it will be cared for with compassion and grace.

Honoring Lost Pets Pet Cemetery Services
Memorial plaques Cremation
Candlelight vigils Burial
Flower arrangements Grave markers

No goodbye is ever easy when it comes to saying farewell to a cherished family member who was also an animal friend. But at Lynnwood Paws, we strive to make this process as peaceful and meaningful as possible by offering you all kinds of memorial services, including custom floral arrangements and personalized grave markers. We aim to create a lasting legacy for your beloved pet in which their memory will remain alive forever!

Lynnwood Paws Online Shopping Options

Lynnwood Paws offers a variety of online shopping options to make it easier for you to get the products your pet needs. With just a few clicks, you can easily order everything from food and toys to treats and supplements without leaving home.

The best part? We offer free delivery on all orders! No matter what will bring it right to your doorstep, no how much or how little you’re ordering, we make it easy to keep up with your pet’s needs without leaving the house.

At Lynnwood Paws, our goal is to provide customers with an effortless way to take care of their pets while providing convenience and value at the same time.

So if you’re looking for an easy way to keep your furry friend happy and healthy, look no further than Lynnwood Paws!

  • Free delivery on all orders
  • Fast turnaround times
  • Variety of payment methods accepted
  • Easy ordering process
  • Discounts available for repeat customers
  • A wide selection of pet products to choose from.


Lynnwood Paws offers a remarkable array of services and products that cater to every aspect of your beloved pets’ needs. From a diverse selection of animals to top-notch grooming services, experienced staff, and a wide range of supplies, Lynnwood Paws is dedicated to ensuring your furry friends receive the best care possible.

By supporting Lynnwood Paws and embracing compassion, you directly contribute to the well-being of needy animals. There’s another organization, Bone Voyage Dog Rescue (BVDR), whose mission aligns perfectly with Lynnwood Paws’ values.

Bone Voyage Dog Rescue, a non-profit organization, tirelessly works to rescue dogs from Mexico and connect them with loving families in the US and Canada. With the help of dedicated volunteers, BVDR provides foster care, veterinary assistance, and transportation services to give these dogs a bright future.

By adopting a dog from Bone Voyage Dog Rescue, you not only welcome a loyal companion into your home but also contribute to the meaningful cause of reducing the number of homeless dogs in the area. You’ll provide a loving home and a second chance at life for a deserving furry friend.

So why wait? Take the first step towards making a positive difference and bringing joy to your life by adopting a dog from Bone Voyage Dog Rescue. Together, we can create a world where every dog has a loving home.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does Pet Insurance Cost?

Generally speaking, prices will depend on factors such as the pet type and age, with cats typically costing less than dogs due to their lower vet costs. Certain breeds may also have higher premiums since they’re more prone to illnesses or injuries.

Pet insurance is worth every penny if something happens down the road and you have to pay costly vet bills out-of-pocket.

Are There Any Discounts Available For Adoption Fees?

When considering adoption from a pet shelter, discounts may be available for those who qualify. 

Depending on the facility or organization offering adoption services, some offer discounts to veterans, and others need financial aid programs.

Discounts can vary significantly between organizations, so it’s essential to research different options before making decisions.

Do You Offer Any Special Services For Senior Pets?

When it comes to aging care for senior pets, many shelters and organizations offer exceptional services.

These may include specialized diets to ensure proper nutrition in older animals, age-appropriate exercises, and other activities designed specifically for seniors.

Some places may even have dedicated staff members or volunteers available to provide extra support and attention for animals that require a little more help due to their advanced years.

What Are The Qualifications For Becoming A Dog Walker?

Becoming a dog walker is no easy task.

Most employers require their applicants to complete rigorous training and pass an exam before they can become certified.

Additionally, having the appropriate equipment for the job is essential too: leashes, collars, and other walking supplies are all necessary elements that must be considered.

Is There A Loyalty Program For Returning Customers?

Yes! There are loyalty programs available for returning customers when it comes to pet sitting and groomer referrals.

These rewards can come in discounts, gifts, or even free services.

Loyalty programs incentivize customers to keep returning, benefiting both parties involved: you get rewarded for your continued patronage, while businesses gain more customers.

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