Borzoi 101: A Closer Look At This Magnificent Regal Breed

May 1, 2023
Annette Thompson

Borzoi, often referred to as Russian Wolfhounds, are an ancient breed of sighthound that has been around for centuries. They’re elegant and graceful dogs with a regal presence, who have served loyally in the courts of Tsars throughout history.

Today they make wonderful family pets, although their independent nature can be challenging at times.

This article will talk about all aspects of the borzoi’s behavior and character, as well as how to care for them and what health problems they usually have.


History And Origins Of The Borzoi

The Borzoi is a regal-looking dog with an ancient ancestry. Its long, silky coat and tall stature give it an air of sophistication that has made many people swoon over its elegant beauty.

This breed is sought after by those looking for show-quality professional dogs, as they were originally bred to hunt game in the Russian aristocracy centuries ago.

At first glance, the Borzoi appears sleek and sophisticated, yet beneath this graceful exterior lies a powerful athlete capable of running at incredible speeds. With their strong build and muscular legs, these hounds can reach up to 40 miles per hour when chasing prey on open terrain.

They are also incredibly intelligent and loyal animals with a lineage often traced back to 8th Century Russia or even further – making them one of the oldest breeds still around today!

No matter what type of pet parents you may be, if you’re looking for strength and agility combined with loyalty and intelligence, then look no further than the noble Borzoi. A timeless beauty due to its distinguished past, this dog will bring years of joy into your life whether you decide to enter competitions or just enjoy days spent together in the park.

Physical Characteristics

The Borzoi is a sight to behold. A tall, regal breed of dog with a stunning long coat, it’s no wonder they are often referred to as Russian wolfhounds.

There are two main varieties of the breed—smooth and longhaired—each boasting its own unique characteristics. Physical characteristics vary depending on whether one owns a smooth or longhaired Borzoi:

  • The smooth variety has an extremely short coat that lies close to the body, while the longhaired type has silky hair that grows up to 8 inches in length.
  • Size variations also exist; males can stand anywhere between 28–30 inches at the shoulder and weigh 65–105 pounds, while females typically measure 26–28 inches at the shoulder and weigh 45–75 pounds.
  • Both types have feathering around their legs, chest, neck, tail and underside which gives them an elegant appearance.

Their beautiful coats come in various colors such as white, black/tan combinations, shades of gray (known as “wolf”), sable & brindle but regardless of color or texture, all Borzois share intelligence and gracefulness combined with tremendous speed and power.

Temperament And Personality

The Borzoi, although known for its physical beauty, is also an intelligent breed with a distinct personality. As the old adage goes: “Beauty and brains make a perfect pair” – this seems to be especially true of the Borzoi.

Exercise NeedsSocialization Requirements

Their exercise needs are moderate compared to some other breeds due to their relatively sedentary lifestyle; however, they do need regular playtime and walks in order to stay healthy and happy. Additionally, socialization requirements are high as these dogs tend to form strong attachments with people. Early socialization is key in ensuring that your dog grows up comfortable around strangers, children, animals and new environments. A poorly-socialized dog may become anxious or aggressive when faced with unfamiliar situations or people.

It’s important for any potential owner to understand the temperament and personality traits of the Borzoi before taking one on as a family pet. With proper care and training, owners can look forward to years of companionship from this elegant yet intelligent breed!

Grooming Requirements

Borzoi has unique grooming needs due to their long and silky coat. In order to keep the Borzoi looking healthy, owners need to brush them regularly with a pin or bristle brush.

Bathing should be done sparingly since too much shampoo can strip away natural oils that help protect and maintain their coats.

The type of coat that a Borzoi has will determine how often they must be groomed. Rough-coated dogs typically require more frequent brushing than those with smooth coats.

Owners should also take special care not to bathe these types of dogs too frequently, as it could damage the coarse guard hairs on the outer layer of fur.

It is important for owners to stay aware of their dog’s grooming needs in order to ensure its overall health and well-being. Regular maintenance, such as brushing, helps remove dirt and debris from the coat while providing a way for necessary oils and nutrients to reach each strand of hair.

By taking proper care of your pet’s coat, you can make sure it looks great all year round!

Feeding And Diet

Overall, the Borzoi is a low-maintenance breed in terms of how often it needs to be groomed. A nutritious diet and regular feeding schedule can help your companion live a long, happy life.


To start, it’s important to know that most adult Borzois need at least 2 cups of high-quality food per day to meet their nutritional needs.

Additionally, dental care should not be neglected; regular brushing can help reduce plaque buildup and maintain healthy teeth and gums.

Another important aspect of the Borzoi’s dietary needs is that they thrive on raw diets containing meaty bones with lots of muscle meat attached. This type of diet provides them with essential nutrients and minerals necessary for strong bones and joints.

Moreover, given its large size, this breed may suffer from bloat or gastric torsion if fed too much food at once or given too many treats throughout the day. Hence, it’s best to divide meals into multiple smaller portions instead of giving one big meal each time – always ensuring you don’t overfeed your dog.

Keeping your pet happy and healthy is as simple as following these rules.

Exercise Needs

Borzois are a large breed of dog, historically used for hunting. As such, they have high activity levels and need regular exercise to remain healthy and happy.

This can be accomplished through long walks or runs, agility training, and playtime with balls, Frisbees, and other stimulating objects. The duration of your borzoi’s daily physical activity should be tailored to their age and energy level; however, it is generally recommended that an adult borzoi receive at least one hour of exercise per day.

In addition to daily physical exercise, mental stimulation is also important for Borzois. They are naturally curious dogs who enjoy problem-solving challenges like puzzle games or hide-and-seek style searches where treats are hidden around the house.

Training classes can help foster positive behaviors while providing mental stimulation and helping improve communication between pet parents and their four-legged friends. Overall, borzois require higher than average amounts of daily activity due to their active nature, which makes them ideally suited as outdoor adventure companions!

With proper nutrition and ample exercise opportunities, these loyal companions will live full lives with their families by their sides.

Training Tips

Training a Borzoi can be a rewarding experience, but it requires patience and dedication. Utilizing positive reinforcement techniques, such as rewards or verbal praise, when the target demonstrates the desired behavior is an excellent starting point. This encourages them to replicate the behavior in order to receive additional rewards.


Socialization training is also essential for any breed of dog and is especially important with a large and powerful breed like the Borzoi. The key elements of successful socialization are exposing your pup to different environments, people, animals, and activities while keeping each encounter positive. To do this, you must ensure that all encounters are safe and secure so that your pup does not feel threatened or scared.

If done correctly, allowing your puppy to explore their surroundings will help build confidence within themselves which goes on to impact how well they respond to commands in various situations throughout their life. With proper training methods and consistency from owners, Borzois can become loyal companions who respect boundaries set by their humans. With enough practice and understanding, even novice owners can teach these regal giants impressive obedience skills that make living with them an enjoyable experience!

Potential Health Issues

The Borzoi is a Russian canine breed with unique needs. To ensure their health and longevity, owners should be aware of potential issues that may arise. Disease prevention and understanding breeding risks are essential to providing the best care for this majestic pet.

Here’s a list of 3 things that can help keep your Borzoi healthy:

  • Regular veterinary examinations
  • Appropriate nutrition for size and activity level
  • Plenty of exercise in a safe environment

Maintaining good health in your Borzoi starts before they even come home. Responsible breeders will provide information about any known genetic conditions, as well as advise on any preventative measures or treatments needed by the pup.

Being knowledgeable about potential health concerns from early on allows you to better recognize symptoms quickly if an issue arises later down the line. Doing so gives you peace of mind knowing that you are taking proactive steps towards keeping your furry friend happy and healthy!

Living Requirements

Borzois are a majestic breed of dog, often standing up to two feet tall. They have been around since the 1600s and were created in Russia as hunting dogs. While they might look intimidating due to their size, borzois actually tend to be gentle and friendly animals. With that said, there are certain living requirements that must be met in order for these pooches to be happy and healthy.

Borzoi requires a large amount of space to move around; otherwise, they can become readily bored. It is recommended that you give them at least an acre of outdoor space in order to keep them active, but if you don’t have enough outdoor space, you must take your dog on daily outings. Additionally, ensure that you provide ample games and other indoor activities when necessary.

 Is The Borzoi The Right Dog For You?

The Borzoi is an elegant, graceful breed of dog that can make a wonderful companion. However, before deciding whether this breed is the right one for you, it’s important to consider its exercise needs, energy levels and other aspects of its personality.


Borzois are generally affectionate dogs that thrive on human companionship. They require plenty of exercise to maintain their health and fitness, but not as much as most other breeds. Their endurance is enhanced by their long legs, so they will appreciate longer walks or hikes with their owners.

Space RequirementsNeed at least 1 acre (walking daily) + toys/activities indoors
Vet CareRegular check-ups (especially due to long fur coats)
GroomingRegular brushing and de-matting to prevent skin problems.

Borzois also tend to be quiet and calm indoors which makes them well-suited for apartment living. However, they still require mental stimulation throughout the day to prevent boredom-related behaviours like destructive gnawing and excessive barking. As a result, interactive toys or playtime with their owner should assist in meeting their requirements.

Another important requirement is vet care: All pets should get regular check-ups with a veterinarian, and borzoi is no different; however, because of their long fur coats, it’s especially crucial for this breed as mats can form which can lead to skin problems if not properly taken care of.

In summary, the Borzoi may be a great addition to your family if you’re looking for a loyal companion with low grooming requirements who enjoys moderate amounts of exercise and doesn’t take up too much space in your home.

Finding A Reputable Breeder

The Borzoi is an elegant, noble breed of dog with a long history. When finding the right breeder for your Borzoi pup, there are several important considerations to keep in mind:

  • Breeding Standards: Look for a breeder that breeds according to accepted breeding standards and has extensive knowledge about the breed’s unique characteristics. A well-respected breeder should be able to provide information about health tests performed on parent canines, pedigree details, and socialization techniques. They should also adhere to responsible breeding practices and produce healthy puppies without any genetic issues or deformities.
  • Responsible Ownership: It’s essential that you find a breeder who will require you to sign a contract promising responsible ownership of the puppy. This includes providing appropriate veterinary care, feeding high-quality food, maintaining adequate exercise levels and grooming needs as well as committing to obedience training classes if necessary. The breeder must also have a clear return policy in case something happens in the future where you are unable to keep the dog.

Before bringing home your new puppy, it is essential to research potential breeders and, if possible, encounter them in person to ensure they meet the aforementioned criteria.

Doing this research upfront will help guarantee many years of happy companionship with your new furry family member!

Cost Of Owning A Borzoi

Owning a Borzoi can be expensive. It’s important to consider the costs associated with its ownership when deciding if it is right for you. Before committing to this regal breed, a number of financial considerations must be taken into account, including veterinary expenses, feeding costs, and grooming requirements.

CostFrequencyTotal Yearly Expense
Food & TreatsMonthly$75 – $125/mo
Grooming Supplies & Services (Nail Clip, Bath)Bi-Monthly or Quarterly$30/$45 per visit
Vet Visits (Routine Checkups, Vaccinations)Annually or Bi-Annually$80 + additional fees as needed

Owning a Borzoi also involves significant ongoing veterinary care. Routine checkups should occur at least once yearly, while vaccinations may be required every six months depending on local laws and lifestyle factors such as exposure to other dogs or travel plans. Pet insurance policies provide coverage in cases of emergency medical treatment and can help defray unexpected but necessary vet costs. Additionally, pet owners should budget for monthly food and treats along with bi-monthly or quarterly grooming services, including nail clips and baths, which tend to cost around thirty dollars per visit. All told, annual expenses related to owning a Borzoi will range between seven hundred fifty to twelve hundred fifty dollars annually.

With proper care and maintenance, your Borzoi can live an average life expectancy of 12–14 years – making them a long-term companion worth investing in financially. Keeping up with their routine healthcare needs will ensure they stay healthy and happy throughout their lives, so considering all these costs together helps determine whether taking home one of these majestic animals is the best choice for both you and your family.

Pros And Cons Of The Breed

The cost of owning a Borzoi is expensive, but the rewards are well worth it. Now let’s discuss some of the pros and cons that come with this breed.


  • Borzois make great family pets and companions due to their loyal nature and intelligence level.
  • Their long silky coats only require minimal grooming upkeep.
  • They are not hypoallergenic but shed minimally.
  • They are graceful and elegant dogs.
  • They are good with children.


  • Borzois require a lot of care and attention.
  • They can reach up to 30 inches in height and weigh up to 100 pounds, so their breeding costs can be quite hefty.
  • They need plenty of space to run around, preferably with access to an enclosed backyard or garden.
  • They have strong instincts, which can lead them into trouble if not properly trained from a young age.
  • Their independent streak makes them difficult to train and control in certain situations.
  • Their size means they take up more living space than smaller breeds.

In short, despite being high-maintenance dogs who need plenty of loving care, training and exercise, borzois remain one of the most rewarding breeds you could own as a pet thanks to their high intelligence levels and loyalty towards their owners.

Finding A Rescue Borzoi

Adopting a rescue Borzoi is an amazing way to bring a loving companion into your home. If you’re considering bringing a Borzoi into your family, visiting or contacting local rescue centers could be the perfect place to start. There are numerous resources available for those seeking a lovable borzoi companion, as numerous rescue organizations specialize in specific varieties.

When searching for a rescue borzoi, it’s important to take some time and do your research. It’s essential that you find out as much information about the dog beforehand; this will help ensure that the pet is well-suited to both you and your lifestyle. Additionally, make sure to ask questions at the shelter regarding any medical issues that may have been previously diagnosed with the animal before adoption.

The process of adopting a Borzoi can often be lengthy due to the various steps involved such as paperwork, interviews, background checks and more. However, even though it might seem overwhelming at first, remember that these measures are all taken in order to ensure that each pet finds its best match possible in their forever home.

All of this hard work will surely pay off once you find yourself with an incredible new friend!

Fun Facts About The Breed

When it comes to the breed standards of Borzoi, it’s important to note that they are large dogs. They can stand anywhere from 25 to 30 inches tall and weigh between 60-115 pounds. This makes them an excellent option for those in need of a larger companion or security dog. Regarding show competition, their attractiveness cannot be denied. In truth, these dogs have been known to win Best in Show at international competitions.

There are quite a few fun facts about Borzoi that make them unique:

  1. The colors of their coats include black and white, gray and tan, sable, grizzle and tan, and more.
  2. These courageous animals were once bred specifically for chasing wolves and hares on Russian aristocracy’s hunting grounds.
  3. They love being outdoors and may even try to escape if left alone inside for too long!
  4. With proper training, these noble creatures are capable of participating in agility competitions alongside other breeds like Dalmatians and Greyhounds.

The good news is that with regular exercise and socialization, Borzois make wonderful family pets who thrive off of human companionship. It’s not uncommon for owners to form strong bonds with their furry friends over time – something everyone should experience firsthand!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Average Lifespan Of A Borzoi?

The average lifespan of a large breed dog can be around 10-13 years.

Borzoi are no exception and have an average life expectancy of 12-14 years with proper care and nutrition.

To ensure your borzoi’s optimal health, you must provide them with a balanced diet that corresponds to their feeding habits, in addition to meeting their frequent grooming requirements, such as brushing and bathing.

With regular veterinary checkups and attentive care from their owners, these beautiful dogs can live long happy lives.

What Is The Best Age To Start Training A Borzoi?

When it comes to training a new pup, the earlier you start, the better. It’s important for puppies to be exposed to socialization and basic commands early on so that they can learn acceptable behaviors.

Starting at around 8 weeks of age is typically recommended for most breeds. This enables them to become accustomed to their surroundings prior to learning more complex commands such as “sit” and “stay.”

In addition, they will have already developed regular eating habits, making mealtime training considerably simpler.

How Much Does A Borzoi Typically Cost?

Showing affection for a pet can be costly, and the price of purchasing a specialized breed like a borzoi is no exception.

Specializing breeders usually charge more than regular kennels or shelters due to their expertise in raising these animals, so it’s important to do research before you make your decision.

On average, most people will spend anywhere from $800 – $2000 USD on a Borzoi pup, depending on the quality they are looking for.

Are Borzoi Good With Children?

When it comes to finding a furry companion for children, the Borzoi is at the top of many pet owners’ lists.

Known for their intelligence, loyalty and affectionate nature, this breed can make an excellent family dog — provided you invest in proper socialization techniques and grooming requirements.

Borzois are loving animals who will quickly become part of any household, even those with very young kids!

How Much Exercise Does A Borzoi Need?

When it comes to exercise, there are breed standards for which dogs need more or less physical activity. Generally speaking, most breeds require at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity exercises each day, but some may need even more depending on their specific needs.

The borzoi is no exception, and they typically need a good amount of exercise each day in order to stay healthy. Depending on the individual dog’s energy level, this could mean anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour per day of moderately intense activities such as jogging, playing fetch or agility training.


The Borzoi is an incredible breed of dog with a long lifespan and great temperament. They make wonderful family dogs, provided they receive the proper amount of exercise and training from an early age.

All in all, if you have the time to commit to providing your Borzoi with love and attention, then you won’t regret having one in your life.

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