The Secret Life Of Pooches: What Dogs Really Do When You’re Not Around

July 21, 2023
Annette Thompson

Have you ever wondered what your pup does when you’re not around?

You might think they’re just sleeping away, but the truth is that puppies have a very active life without their owners.

From exploring new spots to making friends and guarding their territory, dogs get up to mischief when we’re not looking!

So, let’s take a peek into the secret life of pooches lives of canines and discover what they do when we’re not around.

Key Takeaways

  • Dogs have an instinct for exploration and adventure and need outdoor exploration and mental stimulation opportunities.
  • Socialization with other dogs can help improve a dog’s social skills and self-esteem, but it should be introduced slowly and monitored closely.
  • Dogs require a significant amount of sleep, with most adult dogs needing at least 12-14 hours per day and puppies needing up to 18-20 hours.
  • Chewing on toys and snuggling with blankets are essential for a dog’s comfort and stress relief, while guarding their territory and getting into mischief are also part of their natural behavior.

Exploring Their Favorite Spots

You can always find your pup exploring their favorite spots, like the back of the couch or under the bed! But don’t be fooled – dogs always seek new smells and explore unfamiliar places.

When given a chance, pups will scramble out of doors and across yards, noses to the ground and tails wagging with excitement. Whether it’s a patch of grass needing investigation or a neighbor’s cat that needs checking up on, there’s no limit to what your pup might encounter as they explore their surroundings.

The Secret Life Of Pooches

Your puppy is made for adventure, so give them plenty of opportunities for outdoor exploration. From backyards to parks and trails, let your pup take charge and experience all that nature offers. With plenty of exercise and stimulation, you’ll return home with one pleased puppy!

On those days when you can’t get outside together, you can still provide activities that will keep your four-legged friend entertained. Hide treats around the house or fill a kong toy with yummy goodies – either way, your pup will have an enjoyable time while being kept safely indoors!

Making New Friends

When you’re away, your pup searches for pals to play with. Dogs have a fantastic ability to make new friends – and fast! While it may be difficult for humans to feel comfortable meeting strangers, dogs are experts at forming bonds quickly. They often greet each other with friendly noses and wagging tails, the perfect recipe for friendship.

The Secret Life Of Pooches
  • Benefits Challenges Tips 
  • Develops social skills
  • Strengthens self-esteem
  • Encourages exploration Can lead to aggressive behavior
  • My scare shy dogs
  • Carry a risk of disease transmission Introduce slowly
  • Monitor closely 
  • Always end on a positive note  

 Fortunately, when done correctly, meeting new furry friends can offer many benefits. It can help your pup develop their social skills, strengthen their self-esteem by giving them something they excel at, and encourage them to explore new environments – all without leaving the comfort of home. However, some potential issues should be considered, such as fear or aggression from either party or the risk of passing along infectious diseases. To minimize these risks, always introduce new friends slowly and keep a close eye on both pups during the meet-up. Lastly, remember that once the introductions have been made, you must end positively so your dog will associate making new friends with pleasant experiences!

Sleeping and Napping

Sleep and rest are essential for dogs, just like humans. Dogs spend much of their days napping, sometimes even stealing quick naps.

When it’s time to settle down and get some profound sleep, they can doze off in any comfortable spot, dreaming significantly about all the beautiful things they’ll do when they come home. When your pup has rested enough and is ready to take on the world again, it will be filled with energy and enthusiasm!

The Secret Life Of Pooches

A dog’s sleep cycle consists of different stages, including deep sleep and REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep – just like humans! During the REM stage, dogs may bark or whimper in their dreams which can sound quite eerie if you don’t know what it is.

The amount of sleep your puppy needs varies from breed to breed, but most adult dogs require at least 12-14 hours daily. Puppies may need up to 18-20 hours! That’s why it’s essential to ensure your furry friend gets plenty of rest so that they can live an entire life – chasing squirrels, playing fetch, or snuggling up next to you while watching movies.

Enjoying Their Favorite Things The Secret Life Of Pooches

Unsurprisingly, dogs love to snuggle up with their favorite blanket and chew on their favorite toys.

After all, these activities provide comfort, entertainment, and mental stimulation for our furry friends!

So why not indulge your pup by allowing them to enjoy their favorite things?

Snuggling Up With a Favorite Blanket

When they’re feeling lonely, dogs love to curl up with their favorite blanket and feel like they’re being hugged. You may find them stealing a blanket off the couch, dragging it around the house before finally snuggling up with it in their bed or some other cozy spot.

The Secret Life Of Pooches

Not only is this comforting for your pup, but they also enjoy all the smells that linger from previous cuddles shared between you both. Dogs are extra sensitive to scent, so by surrounding themselves with your fragrance, they can stay connected even when you’re away.

Chewing Their Favorite Toys

When you’re not around, your pup loves to spend time with their favorite toys. Chewing on them is essential to bonding with their owners and trying new things. After all, what’s a better way to show that they care than by taking the initiative to try something new?

the secret life of pooches

Whether it’s a soft plush toy or a brutal rubber chew toy, your pup loves to explore different textures and tastes through playtime. Not only does chewing serve as an outlet for stress relief and anxiety reduction, but it also helps encourage healthy teeth and gums. Plus, it can help keep your puppy occupied while you’re away running errands or at work!

Guarding Their Territory

Guarding their territory is a dog’s primal instinct, so they’ll fiercely protect it even when you’re gone. Dogs bark at anyone near their turf; they may also growl and show teeth. To further mark their area, dogs may urinate or defecate in corners. Lastly, dogs can leave behind a specific scent from glands near the base of their tail, serving as an extra layer of protection against potential predators and trespassers.

Undeniably loyal and protective of those they love, pooches will never stop guarding what is theirs! So rest assured that when you’re away, your four-legged friends have everything under control – keeping watch over and defending your home sweet home with gusto!

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Have you ever wondered what your puppy does when you’re away? Now you know!

They explore their favorite spots, make new friends, sleep and nap, enjoy their favorite things, and guard their territories.

It’s like they have a secret life that is just as full and mysterious as ours.

Through this journey, we’ve come to understand our furry friends better – just like the old saying goes: A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I tell if my dog is getting enough exercise?

Set up a routine with plenty of playtime options to ensure your pup gets enough exercise. Monitor their energy levels and adjust as needed. Have fun with them and show them lots of love!

What can I do to ensure my dog eats a healthy diet?

Feed your pup a consistent feeding schedule and portion size to ensure they eat a healthy diet. Coincidentally, this will also serve you – as a responsible owner – in the long run.

What are some signs that my dog is feeling stressed or anxious?

Recognize your dog’s behaviors to identify whether they feel stressed or anxious. Avoid triggers like loud noises and large crowds. Be aware of changes in their routine that could indicate distress. Learning these signs will help you provide the best care for your pup.

What kind of grooming is necessary for my dog’s health and comfort?

To keep your pup comfortable and healthy, grooming them regularly is essential. This includes bathing frequency as well as dental hygiene like brushing their teeth. Doing so can help ensure your furry friend’s long and happy life!

How can I tell if my dog needs to go to the vet?

Keep your pup healthy with preventive care, and watch out for behavioral changes. If you sense something’s off, don’t hesitate to take them to the vet. Your furry friend will thank you for it!

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