Dog Beds for Medium Dogs Review [2023]

August 23, 2023
Annette Thompson

I’ll review the Dog Beds for Medium Dogs Big Calming Dog Bed Washable today. As a dog owner, I was hunting for a comfortable and calming bed for my furry friend, and this product caught my attention. After trying it out, here’s what I have to say:

Dog Beds for Medium Dogs

Dog Beds for Medium Dogs Pros & Cons

What We Liked

  1. Calming & Comfortable: This bed’s soft and ample stuffing makes it a cozy and comfortable spot for your dog to relax. The high-quality faux fur cover adds a luxurious touch and ensures a safe sleeping environment.
  2. Soothing Support: The bolstered edges support your pet’s head and neck, while the plush material allows them to cuddle and sink in. This promotes deep sleep and helps calm down anxious pets.
  3. Versatile & Safe: With its anti-slip bottom, this bed stays securely in place and ensures your pet’s safety. It can be used on various surfaces and is also suitable for travel.
  4. Easy Cleaning & Care: Whether you choose to machine wash or hand wash it, cleaning this bed is a breeze. Follow the instructions, and your pet’s favorite spot will be fresh and clean again.
  5. Good Size and Design: With a 27-inch diameter, this bed is perfect for dogs or cats weighing under 35lbs. The donut shape provides a cozy and secure area for your pet to curl up and relax.

What Can Be Improved

  1. Lack of Padding on the Bottom: Some customers noted that the bottom of the bed had less padding than expected, causing their pets to feel like they were lying directly on the floor.
  2. Fluffiness: A few reviewers mentioned that the bed didn’t appear as fluffy as it did in the product images, making them slightly disappointed. However, their pets still found it comfortable.

Quick Verdict on Dog Beds for Medium Dogs

In conclusion, the Dog Beds for Medium Dogs, Big Calming Dog Bed Washable, is a great option for pet owners looking to provide their furry friends with a cozy and calming sleeping spot. Its softness, support, and easy cleaning make it tick off all the essential boxes. While the lack of padding on the bottom and the discrepancy in fluffiness may be minor concerns, they don’t outweigh this bed’s benefits. If you’re ready to comfort your pet, I recommend checking out this dog bed. You can find it here.

What’s Inside Big Calming Dog Bed Washable?

In my personal experience, I recently purchased the Dog Beds for Medium Dogs, Big Calming Dog Bed Washable, on Amazon. As a dog owner in the USA, I sought a comfortable, anxiety-reducing dog bed for my medium-sized furry friend. I ordered it on June 1, 2023, and the delivery was surprisingly fast, arriving at my doorstep in just a few days.

When I eagerly unboxed the product, I found the box empty. I was initially puzzled and concerned that I had not received the complete package. However, upon further inspection, I realized the dog bed was neatly packaged separately from the box. It was securely wrapped in plastic, ensuring its cleanliness and protection during shipping.

Dog Beds for Medium Dogs


Here are the specifications of the Dog Beds for Medium Dogs, Big Calming Dog Bed Washable that I ordered:

  • Brand: Casapeva
  • Manufacturer: Casapeva
  • Date First Available: June 1, 2023
  • Product Dimensions: 27 x 27 x 7.5 inches
  • Weight: 2.31 pounds


The product did not come with a user guide or documentation. Although this was disappointing, the bed was straightforward to set up and use. The lack of a user guide did not hinder my experience with the product.

If you want more information or have questions about the bed’s usage or care instructions, I recommend contacting the manufacturer, Casapeva, for further guidance.

The manufacturer has provided a user guide that you can find here.

What We Found in Big Calming Dog Bed Washable

Calming & Comfortable

Our Dog Beds for Medium Dogs offer superior comfort and relaxation for your furry friend. Its soft and ample stuffing provides the ultimate cozy spot for your pet to rest. Covered in high-quality, soft faux fur, it offers a premium sleeping environment that is both luxurious and safe. Your pet will love snuggling up and feeling secure in this plush, comfortable dog bed.

Dog Beds for Medium Dogs

Pro Tip: Add a blanket or your pet’s favorite toys to make the bed even cozier to create a more inviting space for them to curl up.

Size and Fit

The dog bed measures 27*27 inches, making it perfect for dogs or cats weighing under 35lbs. Before ordering, measuring your pet’s size is important to ensure the optimal fit. The size chart can guide you in choosing the right size for your pet. Please note that the dog bed may arrive compressed due to packaging, but gentle patting and fluffing will restore it to its original shape.

Pro Tip: Consider buying a slightly larger bed if your pet enjoys stretching out while sleeping.

Soothing Support

This round dog bed is designed for pets who love to curl up in a tight ball. The bolstered edges provide maximum support for your pet’s head and neck, ensuring proper alignment. The soft and plush material allows them to sink in and promotes deep sleep. This can be especially beneficial for anxious pets, as the snug and secure environment helps to calm them down.

Pro Tip: You can place the bed in a quiet and peaceful corner of your home to create a soothing retreat for your pet.

Versatile & Safe

The dog bed features an anti-slip bottom that prevents shifting, ensuring your pet’s safety. It is not only suitable for use on your home’s floors but can also be used on the seat of your car. The medium-sized bed can be conveniently placed in the trunk or back seat, giving your pet a comfortable resting space while traveling.

Pro Tip: Use a seat belt or safety harness to secure the bed in your car, ensuring your pet’s safety during the journey.

Easy Cleaning & Care

Our dog bed is easy to clean and maintain. It can be machine-washed or hand-washed for your convenience. If machine washed, toss the entire bed into the washing machine with a gentle cycle. After washing, dry the bed in the dryer on low heat. Avoid air drying or sun drying to maintain its fluffiness. This ensures that your pet always has a clean and fresh bed to retreat to.

Pro Tip: Regularly cleaning your pet’s bed helps to prevent the buildup of dirt, allergens, and odors, ensuring a healthier environment for your furry friend.

Our Review of Big Calming Dog Bed Washable

Our Score: 77.0

I recently purchased the Dog Beds for Medium Dogs, and I must say, I am quite pleased with my purchase. The bed is incredibly soft and plush, making it the perfect spot for my furry friend to relax and unwind. The ample stuffing supports my dog’s head and neck, allowing him to curl up in a tight ball comfortably. The high-quality faux fur cover adds a touch of luxury to the bed, and I can tell that my pet feels safe and secure when sleeping in it.

What I love about this bed is its versatility. Not only is it great for use at home, but it also works perfectly as a travel bed for pets. The anti-slip bottom ensures that the bed stays in place, whether I place it on the floor or in the car. The fact that it is machine washable is also a huge plus, as it makes cleaning and maintenance a breeze.

Overall, I highly recommend the Dog Beds for Medium Dogs. It provides a calming and comfortable sleeping environment for my pet, and the size is just perfect for my medium-sized dog. This is a great option if you’re looking for a cozy and safe bed for your furry friend. More information about it is available here.

Best combination

Suppose you’re considering purchasing the Dog Beds for Medium Dogs, Big Calming Dog Bed Washable, Pet Beds for Small Dogs to Large Dogs, 27 Inch Plush Round Donut Anti Anxiety Dog Bed, Dark Brown Medium 27 x 27 Brown. In that case, I highly suggest getting the Multipet Plush Dog Toy, Lambchop, 10, White/Tan, Small as an additional product.

Dog Beds for Medium Dogs

Why should you buy this alternate product? Well, let me tell you. Dogs are social animals and love companionship from humans or other furry friends. This adorable lambchop plush toy will entertain and comfort your beloved pet. With its soft and snuggly texture, it’s bound to become your dog’s new best friend.

Not only does the Multipet Plush Dog Toy entertain, but it also serves as a great distraction for dogs who experience separation anxiety. Including this toy with the Dog Beds for Medium Dogs gives your furry friend a sense of comfort and security, reducing their anxiety while you’re away.

So why not treat your four-legged companion to extra joy and comfort? By purchasing the Multipet Plush Dog Toy and the main product, you’ll provide your pet with a cozy place to rest and a playful companion. Your dog will thank you for it!

Other Options To Go For

If you’re in the market for a dog bed that provides comfort and relaxation for your furry friend, consider these alternate options to the main product – the ‘Dog Beds for Medium Dogs, Big Calming Dog Bed Washable, Pet Beds for Small Dogs to Large Dogs, 27 Inch Plush Round Donut Anti Anxiety Dog Bed, Dark Brown Medium 27 x 27 Brown’.

First up, we have the Dog Beds for Medium Dogs, Big Calming Dog Bed Washable. This bed offers the same plush round donut design as the main product but with added features to enhance its calming effects. The washable design ensures easy maintenance and hygiene. You can find this alternative on Amazon.

Next on the list is the Calming Dog & Cat Bed, Anti-Anxiety Donut Cuddler Warming Cozy Soft Round Bed. This fluffy faux fur plush bed is available in various sizes and provides optimum comfort and warmth for your pets. It’s the perfect solution for their anxiety and stress.

If you’re looking for an orthopedic option, consider the MIXJOY Orthopedic Dog Bed Comfortable Donut Cuddler Round Ultra Soft Washable Cat Cushion Bed. This bed offers the same donut shape with an added orthopedic feature to provide optimal support for your pet’s joints and muscles.

Another great alternative is the Kimpets Dog Bed Calming Dog Beds for Small Medium Dogs – Round Donut Washable Dog Bed. This bed’s anti-slip design and faux fur fluffy material ensure your pet’s safety and comfort.

Lastly, we have the Luciphia Round Dog Cat Bed Donut Cuddler, Faux Fur Plush Pet Cushion for Large and Medium Small Dogs, Self-Warming and Cozy for Improved Sleep Dark Grey, Small (20 x 20). This bed is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a self-warming option. The faux fur plush material provides a warm and cozy environment for your pet to rest and sleep peacefully.

Overall, these alternate products offer similar features and benefits to the main product, ensuring comfort, relaxation, and anxiety relief for your beloved pets. So why settle for just one option when you have a range of choices to meet your pet’s specific needs? Check them out and give your furry friend the best sleep experience possible!

Perfect Bed for Your Medium Size Pup!

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