You Might Be a Dog Lover If…

May 31, 2023
Annette Thompson

Or… Signs You’re a Dog-o-holic

There are over 72 million pet dogs in the United States and 8 million in Canada. There is no question that dogs and humans are best friends. Dog lovers treat their four-legged friends like members of the family or even better. There is just something about a dog’s unconditional love that we can’t resist.

  • You’d rather let your limbs fall asleep than wake up your snuggling dog
  • Your dog has his own Christmas stocking
  • When you go to a party, you spend more time with the host’s dog than mingling
  • Since dog’s can’t talk, you speak your dog’s potential thoughts out loud throughout the day
  • When your pet doesn’t want you to go out, you’re always willing to cancel your plans
  • Every time you go to the pet store to buy food, you come back with a new toy
  • You don’t sit in your dog’s designated spot on the couch
  • The wallpaper on your phone and laptop feature your dog
  • You’ve read more books on dog care than you did textbooks in college
  • You own doggie steps or a ramp so your dog can get on and off your bed easily
  • You and your dog have coordinating Halloween costumes
  • Your dog has his own Instagram or TikTok
  • You video chat with your dog while you’re on vacation
  • You’ve thrown a dog birthday party
  • Your calendar is filled with your dog’s playdates
  • You don’t mind being greeted by an uncontrollable bundle of joy when you come home
  • You wake up at night to find yourself at the edge of the bed because your dog needs more room
  • When you are in a restaurant, you always bring home something for your dog
  • Your dog has a toy box, filled to the brim.
  • Your dog has more clothes than you do.
  • You have more pictures of your dog than of any human including yourself
  • You don’t mind sharing your pillow with your dog
  • Your entire Christmas wish list is full of stuff for the dog
  • You won’t visit your relatives if the dog can’t go too.
  • You spend your free time online at dog related sites.
  • You refer to your dogs as your fur-babies or your 4-legged children.
  • Your dog is in your family photo
  • You would buy a king sized bed so there is enough room for pooch to sleep comfortably too
  • When house hunting, you only look at houses with big fenced in yards
  • If your spouse hadn’t prevented you from it, you’d have adopted all of the dogs you’ve fostered
  • Other people see a “dangerous pit bull”, but you see a giant teddy bear of a dog.
  • You say hello to dogs on the street
  • You’re more likely to remember a new person’s dogs name than their name
  • Anytime you go for a walk without your dog it feels wrong—like you’re cheating on him
  • Dog hair—it’s the one accessory that you believe is acceptable to wear
  • There’s a dog bed in every room of your house
  • When you leave for the day, you tell your pooch that you’ll miss him
  • You have multiple nicknames for your hunny bun, sweetie pie, angel face
  • Your social media pages are littered with dog stuff
  • No matter how different your lifestyles are, you feel an instant connection to other dog people
  • Your weekends are full of dog walks and shopping for dog food and treats
  • When you go to the bathroom, you always have company
  • Your dog gets more Christmas presents than your spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend
  • First your dog eats, then you eat
  • You hang out with your dog instead of human friends
  • You only go places where your dog is welcome
  • You spend more on your dog’s grooming than your own
  • Your dog has more toys than a human child
  • You hand out treats like there’s no tomorrow
  • You carry your dog as soon as she’s tired

If you’ve been nodding along in agreement, welcome to the dog lover club — you’re a dog person! If you need a more precise calculation of your level of dog appreciation, here’s a handy scale:

Number of statements you said yes to:

Less than 10: You might not yet see the spiritual connection between dogs and people, but don’t worry; we can tell that you have dog-loving potential!

Half: You probably own at least one pooch, and you’re well on your way to becoming a certified dog person.

All of them: You believe life isn’t truly fulfilling without a dog by your side.

Don’t feel guilty though, David and Alicia Tschirhart score even higher. The Californian couple spent $50,000 USD to clone Marley, their pet Labrador. When Marley died from cancer, his owners had a hard time letting him go, so they didn’t. They used a pet cloning company to create a genetically identical puppy called Ziggy. “They have the same personality, they play the same, they favor the same toys,” Alicia told reporters.

Whether one or all of these signs apply to you, there’s no doubt that you adore your dog. And who can blame you? Dogs fill our lives with joy, companionship, laughter and love.

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