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From Our First Foster To Our Forever Pet

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We Have Fallen In Love With Each And Every One Of Them


Fostering dogs through Bone Voyage has been such a rewarding experience for us. In our own way, we have fallen in love with each and every one of them, knowing we are providing them with a loving home until they are sent to their forever homes is a very special feeling. Bugs was our first and it broke our hearts to take him to Black Coffee to be flown north but we know he would be adopted quickly as he was such a happy mister. Emma was a real sweetheart and Coco Chanel was so fragile, we couldn’t bare to leave her at the Ranch. Her brother Toby (formerly named Biggie Smalls; we renamed him Tobias Balenciaga, aka Toby, a designer that Coco Chanel admired so much) could play fetch forever, and then Hank and Sofia! A friend in Canada wanted to privately adopt Hank so off to Lucky Dog we went to meet him. His penmate for several months was Sofia, shy and skittish. We couldn’t leave her there without Hank! So we welcomed both of them into our homes and within days we knew she was ours to keep. They spent a month together in our home before Hank flew to Canada and it was so comforting to have him here to cushion the strangeness of a new place for shy Sofia. Hank is now in Canada thanks to Bone Voyage and Sofia La Ren (after Ren & Stimpy) is our new forever pet …. and I am now volunteering with Bone Voyage and that in itself is also very rewarding.”

Jo, Ajijic