Psalms 36:6 Dogs Go To Heaven

May 11, 2023
Annette Thompson

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Psalms 36 discusses the concept of dogs going to Heaven in various religious texts.

In Christianity, the Bible references this idea in Psalm 36:6, which speaks of God’s love and protection for all creatures on Earth. This verse has been studied by many theologians over the years to determine whether it implies that animals, including dogs, will be granted access to Heaven when they die.


In this article, we will explore what Psalm 36:6 says about dogs, their place in Heaven, and other faiths’ opinions. We will then look at some implications of allowing animals into Heaven before finally determining the final verdict on this age-old debate.

What Does Psalm 36 Say About Dogs?

This psalm 36 offers insight into a spiritual understanding of human and animal relationships.
Psalm 36 states, ‘ The LORD preserves the faithful, but abundantly repays the one who acts in pride.’

This suggests that those devoted to God will be rewarded, while those who serve with pride will not.
Regarding dogs specifically, this could be interpreted as a reminder to treat them kindly and remember that they, too, have souls that deserve respect.


Reincarnation beliefs may also come into play when examining Psalm 36 and its implications for dogs.

According to some interpretations of this passage, it is believed that when a dog dies, its soul is reborn on Earth as another animal; however, other variations suggest that if a dog has been remarkably loyal during their lifetime, it will go to Heaven after death.

Regardless of which interpretation is correct, it is clear from Psalm 36 that God does not discriminate against animals and recognizes their importance in our lives.
In addition to these religious aspects of the pet afterlife, the psalm also highlights the importance of

being mindful of our treatment of animals while they are still with us on Earth.
By showing kindness and respect towards them, we can ensure they have good memories associated with us, which may lead them to better places after death.

Ultimately, Psalm 36 serves as an essential reminder that all living beings should be treated equally regardless of whether or not we believe in reincarnation or an afterlife for pets.

The Christian Perspective on Dogs and Heaven

Drawing on the Christian faith, it is widely accepted that beloved animals can be welcomed into a place of eternal peace. This is particularly true for dogs, who have long been held up as an example of loyalty and devotion in many cultures.

Christian theology has various interpretations of how dogs will experience the afterlife. Some believe that dogs will directly enter Heaven; others see them as temporary creatures awaiting resurrection at a later date when they will join their human companions in eternity.

dog running

When considering Psalm 36 about this debate, there is no clear answer as to whether or not dogs are explicitly mentioned. The psalm generally speaks about God’s protection and mercy being accessible to those who trust Him regardless of species or form.

It could be argued that this broad acceptance implies that all creatures have access to God’s grace and forgiveness, thus enabling them to enjoy eternal life alongside humans after death.

The precise nature of what awaits us beyond this life remains unknown; however, we can take comfort in knowing that our canine companions may join us again one day in a realm free from suffering and want. For believers, these promises assure that their cherished pets will never be forgotten and will always be embraced by an infinite source of love and compassion.

What Do Other Faiths Say About Dogs and Heaven?

Different religious traditions offer varying perspectives on the afterlife, and it is essential to examine how these views may pertain to canine companions.

Many faiths believe in animal karma, which states that animals have souls and are capable of a spiritual journey after death.

dogs and heaven

Hinduism sees dogs as an incarnation of the gods, while Buddhism teaches that animals occupy various realms depending on their actions.

Islam also has strong beliefs about dog souls. The Quran mentions dogs twice about Heaven, once saying they will be there if they behaved well while alive, and another time saying they will not be there if they are disobedient or hostile. This reflects the Islamic belief that all creatures have souls that can enter Paradise or face punishment for their sins after death.

In Judaism, too, some rabbis believe that animals can ascend to Heaven if they are righteous during life. However, others say this is impossible due to physical restrictions on where souls can go in the afterlife. Nevertheless, many Jews still consider dogs part of God’s creation and deserve respect for this reason alone.

Thus although different religious traditions may disagree on whether dogs can enter Heaven post-mortem, almost all agree that canine companions should be treated with kindness during life here on Earth.

What Are the Implications of Dogs Going to Heaven?

The implications of animals having the potential to ascend to a spiritual realm after death are far-reaching and complex. In the case of dogs, this idea may challenge traditional beliefs about what happens to pets after they die and can bring up questions such as:

dogs and heaven
  • Is there an afterlife for animals?
  • Do animals have souls?
  • What is the purpose of these souls?
  • How do we interact with them in that afterlife?

These are all critical questions that must be considered when discussing the possible implications of dogs going to Heaven.

From a theological perspective, it would suggest that animals share some eternal reward or punishment depending on their actions while alive. How we treat animals here on Earth will determine their ultimate fate in the afterlife.

This concept could also lead us to reexamine our relationship with animals, highlighting their importance and value as living creatures who deserve respect and kindness. It could spark conversations about animal welfare reform, ethical farming practices, animal rights activism, etc.

We may even think differently about our mortality if we believe our beloved pets will continue beyond this physical world after death.

What Is the Final Verdict?

Ultimately, the implications of animals having the potential to ascend to a spiritual realm after death are complex and varied. Such implications often revolve around questions concerning dog souls, including whether or not they possess them in the first place and if such souls can survive into eternal life.

The Psalms 36:6 passage in question – “Your mercy, O Lord, extends to the heavens; Your faithfulness reaches to the skies” – suggests that God’s mercy is so great that it even applies to dogs, but only He knows for sure.

In any case, it seems reasonable to assume that dogs have a soul, given their capacity for emotion and intelligence.

If this is true, then it stands to reason that they may be eligible for admission into Heaven upon death, provided they have lived lives of virtue according to divine standards.

Some believe animals do not need a soul to enter Heaven as long as their human companions possess one and make space for them there.

It is clear from this discussion that there are many potential explanations concerning whether or not dogs go to Heaven after death. Ultimately, only God Himself can provide us with a definitive answer on what happens when our beloved furry friends pass away from this world into whatever lies beyond.


After much deliberation, the final verdict on whether or not dogs go to Heaven is still a matter of opinion. While some religious denominations may accept the idea of man’s best friend being welcomed into the afterlife, others find no scriptural support for such an assumption.

Those devoted to their canine companions, they can choose to believe in the possibility of a heavenly reunion with Fido and Fluffy. But ultimately, each individual must decide what they feel about this beloved topic.

In conclusion, while there will always be speculation surrounding this question, one thing is sure: even if dogs do not ascend to Heaven after death, we can still appreciate them in life and give them all the love and care they deserve.

After all, who can deny that our four-legged friends bring us joy and unconditional love? That alone should be enough for us humans!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there other animals that can go to heaven according to Psalm 36?

Whether animals, such as dogs, can be admitted to Heaven has been a source of debate and biblical interpretation for centuries. According to Psalm 36:6, there is the potential that ‘dogs’ or other animals may make it into Heaven. However, the exact definition of ‘dog’ in this context needs to be clarified and open to interpretation.

Regarding the pet afterlife, some theologians suggest that creatures will not have an individual existence after death but may be reunited with their owners at the end of time. Others believe each creature has its soul and could enter Heaven on its own merits. Ultimately, what happens to animals in terms of entering Heaven remains one of life’s great mysteries.

How is the idea of dogs going to heaven interpreted in different cultures?

Many cultures and religions have explored the concept of an animal afterlife throughout the centuries.
While some believe that animals, including dogs, can reach a heavenly afterlife, others take a more nuanced approach to this belief.

For instance, some Eastern philosophies suggest that pets eventually experience reincarnation to reach a spiritual state. At the same time, other faiths accept the idea of pet heaven. Still, with conditions attached – for example, some suggest that only animals treated kindly by their owners may be eligible for entry into such an afterlife.

Ultimately, there is no consensus on what happens to our beloved pets after death. Still, it appears that different cultures have their interpretations of the idea of them entering Heaven.

Are there any rituals or traditions related to dogs and heaven?

In many cultures, dogs are revered as part of the afterlife beliefs and rituals.
Pet burials in ancient Egyptian cultures were among the earliest known instances of this tradition, with mummified remains being found dating back to 2100 BCE.

In some modern traditions, it is believed that when a pet dies, they journey across a rainbow bridge to reunite with their owners in Heaven.

This belief is often connected to religious practices such as praying for animals and dedicating special prayers to them at certain times of the year.

Additionally, some Buddhist temples hold special ceremonies for deceased dogs, which involve burning incense and chanting mantras for their departed souls.

These rituals serve as a way for humans to grieve their lost companions and pay homage to the essential roles that canines play in human life.

Is there any scientific evidence that suggests dogs can go to heaven?

There has been much speculation on the possibility of dogs reaching Heaven, with many relying on religious texts such as Psalm 36:6 to support their beliefs.

While no scientific evidence proves this is possible, some suggest that animals may have a soulful consciousness that could enable them to embark on a metaphysical journey.

Those animal rights proponents argue that our furry friends should be afforded the same spiritual opportunities as humans and that further research into this area must be conducted to understand how their souls can transcend boundaries and reach a higher plane.

Does the Bible mention any other creatures that can go to heaven?

The Bible is filled with passages that suggest some animals may have a place in Heaven.
Metaphorically speaking, it can be said that the door to Heaven is open to those creatures who are made in God’s image and likeness.

In Psalm 36:6, the Lord specializes in birds of prey and other creatures who live under His protection.
Other Scriptures mention pet afterlife and animal souls as they journey through eternity.

The Bible is clear that there will be no shortage of animals enjoying eternity in Heaven with their loving Creator.

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