Models Supporting Animals

July 30, 2023
Annette Thompson

Bone Voyage Dog Rescue Acquires ModelsSupportingAnimals.com

Bone Voyage Dog Rescue is proud to announce the acquisition of ModelsSupportingAnimals.com.

Bone Voyage Dog Rescue, a leading nonprofit organization dedicated to saving and rehoming dogs in need, is thrilled to announce the acquisition of ModelsSupportingAnimals.com, a prominent dog website.

With this acquisition, Bone Voyage Dog Rescue aims to leverage the established brand and engaged audience of ModelsSupportingAnimals.com to promote awareness and raise funds for its mission of rescuing and finding forever homes for dogs.

Models Supporting Animals was founded in late 2011 and consist of an elite group of models and related professionals volunteering their talents and time for the well being of animals.  While we participate in a multitude of activities including volunteering, organizing events, fundraising and education our primary goal is awareness.


Lets face it; the impact of fashion and beauty in today’s society is not only everywhere you turn but has also been a controversial issue as well.  MSA seeks to use our passion for modeling and fashion to bring much needed awareness to the issues of animal cruelty and other topics concerning animals. We look to inform, involve and inspire you, not judge you.


While exploring our site you will find a multitude of articles covering the most basic information such as what is animal cruelty to more in depth articles explaining some of the most pressing issues and how you can make a difference.
Experiment with some of the most popular vegan and vegetarian recipes and other options for a more humane diet and ladies, you don’t want to miss out on our articles on cruelty free fashion and beauty.


Be inspired, laugh or cry by visiting our resource pages where you will find our favorite animal cruelty quotes, poems, fun facts and more! You will also be able to access our blog and get the latest celebrity, entertainment and fashion news regarding animals and animal related issues. You may also notice our contest page where we will switch up different contest for you to participate in and win free MSA materials, certificates and/or be featured on our homepage, so be sure to check back frequently!
Want to just want to check out our gorgeous models bonding with adorable animals? Nothing wrong with that either! Visit our meet the models page, photo gallery and have fun watching our videos posted throughout the site! Meet the models will show you our most current models along with fun Q & A’s so you can get to know a little about them and why they choose to be apart of MSA.  Our photo gallery will be comprised of our best photos from previous shoots and our most current photos and videos will be on display throughout the site.

MSA understands that everyone is not a vegetarian or vegan, we are all at different levels and on different journeys.  If we can inspire someone to take one step, three steps or many steps to save an animals life then we can say we made a difference and so can you.

MSA will be adding more content regularly so be sure to come back often, comment, share and most of all, TAKE ACTION!





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