Mega-Foster and Friend

How many fosters is too many?

If you ask Ronni Coppola she will shrug her shoulders. That’s because there are currently 22 fosters plus Ronni’s own 5 dogs, plus my three dogs living on the property. I met Ronni about five years ago through another dog person. Her husband fell ill and she needed someone to help, so I moved in to Ronni’s casita to help. The friendship changed both our lives. Ronni is an unsung hero, and I want to publicly acknowledge all that she has done and her importance to Bone Voyage.

In addition to caring for 22 fosters at one time, what more could Ronnie possibly do? A great deal as it turns out. Ronnie drives dogs to the airport, picks up dogs for vetting, picks up donations like food, posts dogs for adoption or those who need foster homes, helps with brokering on bus trips, acts as advisor to other fosters, and yes, she donates lots of money.  

Bone Voyage is not the only beneficiary of Ronni’s heart for animals. For The Ranch, Ronnie buys enough meat, bones, and vegetables to make enough soup to put over the dry food for over 100 dogs, which she delivers every other day. No one is more ready, willing, and able to jump into the middle of an emergency situation if it involves a dog. Her patience and generosity for needful dogs is legendary.  

Could Bone Voyage exist without Ronni? Probably. But through Ronni’s efforts, hundreds of dogs might never have found their furever home, and the 200+ dogs she fostered over the years – well, who knows what would have happened to them.

Is Ronni Bone Voyage’s only over-the-top foster? No, of course not. But she is in a class by herself – claiming the title of Mega-Foster. Thank you Ronni from the bottom of my heart for all you do, and the person that you are.

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