Lab Rescue Of Atlanta

July 15, 2023
Annette Thompson

Lab Rescue of Atlanta is an incredible organization that works hard to find homes for homeless dogs. They are dedicated to rescuing and rehoming abandoned, abused, or neglected Labrador Retrievers in the greater Atlanta area. Their mission is simple: to save as many lives as possible by connecting people with their perfect pooch.

In this article, we will explore how Lab Rescue of Atlanta makes a difference in the lives of its canine companions and their new owners.

Lab Rescue of Atlanta has saved thousands of Labs since it was founded in 2003. With the help of volunteers and foster families across Georgia, they have been able to give countless pups a second chance at life. The organization strives to provide safe housing for all the animals in their care while searching for suitable forever homes.

In addition, they offer assistance through obedience training, behavior modification programs, spay/neuter services and medical treatment before placing them into permanent homes. Through these efforts, Lab Rescue of Atlanta has made sure that every dog they rescue gets placed with a loving family where he or she can be well taken care off.

What Is Lab Rescue Of Atlanta?

Lab Rescue of Atlanta is a noble mission dedicated to rescuing and rehoming Labs from all around the country. As an organization, it seeks to provide these animals with foster families who will give them the love they need until their forever homes are found.

To those involved in this rescue mission, this effort is more than just finding new owners for these creatures; it’s about providing each animal with proper care and giving them a chance at life filled with joy and comfort.

This task involves more than simply taking in homeless dogs. There are individuals across the nation that work tirelessly to ensure every Lab has access to appropriate medical attention while also making sure they get enough food and exercise during their stay in foster homes. The volunteers go above and beyond what’s asked of them in order to provide these animals with safe and loving environments where they can thrive before being welcomed into their permanent home.

The goal of Lab Rescue of Atlanta is not only to find good homes for these beautiful animals but also promote responsible ownership through educational programs designed to educate pet parents on how best to take care of their furry friends.

This commitment ensures that once adopted, each dog will have a lifetime full of love, support, companionship and security – something that every one of us deserves.

How Does Lab Rescue Of Atlanta Work?

Lab Rescue of Atlanta is a nonprofit organization that saves the lives of Labrador Retrievers and other breeds from high-kill shelters and abusive situations. It offers an invaluable service to not only dogs in need, but also those who wish to bring them into their homes as loving companions.

The process begins with Lab Rescue’s team of volunteer coordinators and volunteers across Georgia. They assess each dog for health issues, temperament, energy level, and more before pairing them up with potential foster families.

These fostering programs provide short-term or long-term care while they await adoption into permanent homes. The foster family takes responsibility for feeding, grooming, exercising, and training the pup until it can find its forever home through one of Lab Rescue’s many events such as adoptions at Petco stores throughout the state.

Lab Rescue Of Atlanta

In addition to this important work, Lab Rescue helps coordinate transportation logistics by arranging ground transport between states whenever possible since air travel is expensive and stressful on animals. This ensures that all rescued pups get to their new homes safe and sound.

As seen above, Lab Rescue of Atlanta makes sure no lab goes unloved – providing vital services for both furry friends in need of a loving home as well as individuals looking for loyal companionship. From assessment processes to organizing transportation logistics and connecting rescue pups with compassionate foster families – every step taken contributes towards giving these wonderful creatures a chance at a better life.

Who Can Adopt A Dog From Lab Rescue Of Atlanta?

The unconditional love of a dog can be an incredible addition to any family. Lab Rescue of Atlanta recognizes this, and strives to rescue as many Labs as possible – giving these amazing animals another chance at life.

When you adopt from Lab Rescue of Atlanta, not only are you providing a home for one lucky pup, but also helping other dogs in need by making room in the shelters and rescues for others. Adopting your four-legged friend is just the beginning; Lab Rescue of Atlanta offers resources such as veterinary care assistance, pet care advice, socialization and training tips, and even volunteer opportunities so that you can become part of their mission to save lives together.

With their extensive network of volunteers across the country working hard to find homes for every rescued lab they take in, there’s no shortage of options when it comes to finding your perfect companion. From pups who are full of energy and ready to explore the world with you, to seniors looking for someone gentle enough to share their golden years with – whatever your heart desires, chances are great at Lab Rescue of Atlanta!

So don’t wait – check out all the wonderful pooches waiting for their forever families today!

If you’re considering adopting a Labrador Retriever in the Atlanta area, Lab Rescue Of Atlanta is an excellent organization to connect with. Lab Rescue Of Atlanta is dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming Labrador Retrievers in need. Their team of passionate volunteers works tirelessly to provide love, care, and a second chance to these amazing dogs. To learn more about Lab Rescue Of Atlanta and their adoption process.

What Kind Of Dogs Does Lab Rescue Of Atlanta Take In?

Lab Rescue of Atlanta is passionate about rescuing dogs from shelters, owner surrenders and other at risk situations. They accept all breeds and sizes of dogs in order to provide them with the proper care they need for as long as it takes for them to find a forever home. Foster care and medical attention are provided for each animal taken into their program.

The Lab Rescue of Atlanta has saved over 5,000 canine companions since its inception in 2003. It provides vital veterinary care such as vaccinations, spaying/neutering, deworming, heartworm testing and treatment, flea control and microchipping before placing each dog on the adoption list.

In addition to these services, foster homes can be found to give extra love while waiting to be adopted.

For those looking to adopt a companion pet, there are many options available through Lab Rescue of Atlanta; puppies or adults alike that make wonderful family members! With so many animals in need of rescue every year, this organization remains committed to helping save lives by providing love and support until each pup finds his or her new home.

What Does The Adoption Process Look Like?

Have you ever wondered what the adoption process looks like for Lab Rescue of Atlanta? Well, the process is simple and straightforward. From start to finish, it can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks depending on how quickly an individual can complete each step in the process.

The first part of the adoption process involves filling out an application form which provides information about yourself and your home environment as well as details about any other pets that live with you.

After completing this initial step, applicants will be contacted by one of our adoption counselors who will discuss pet care and answer any questions that may arise during the conversation.

Then, potential adopters are asked to come into our shelter or meet us at one of our foster homes so they can get acquainted with their desired animal before making a commitment.

Once all necessary steps have been completed, we perform background checks and make sure that both parties are ready for the adoption to occur.

We also provide post-adoption support such as advice regarding behavioral issues or medical concerns if needed. Our ultimate goal is to ensure successful adoptions and happy families every time!

What Kind Of Training Does Lab Rescue Of Atlanta Offer?

Lab Rescue of Atlanta offers a variety of services for training dogs. The organization’s volunteers provide dog behavior education and support, helping owners understand their pet’s needs and how to best meet them. Dog owners can also find help with basic obedience commands such as sit, stay, come, and leave it.

Lab Rescue of Atlanta also provides an array of volunteer opportunities that allow individuals to get involved in the local community by providing assistance to those who need it most. Volunteers at Lab Rescue of Atlanta are able to attend weekly classes on various aspects of dog behavior including canine body language, learning theory, problem-solving strategies, and more.

They then have the opportunity to practice what they’ve learned through hands-on activities working with rescued dogs until they demonstrate mastery. Through this program, volunteers gain valuable skills while rescuing dogs from neglectful or abusive situations.

The mission of Lab Rescue of Atlanta is to rescue homeless labs and lab mixes from shelters throughout Georgia and South Carolina, nurture them back to health if necessary, rehabilitate behavioral issues when possible, and place these animals into loving forever homes – all made possible by generous donations provided by the public. With its commitment towards creating better lives for abandoned pets in the region, Lab Rescue of Atlanta stands out as one exemplary organization making a positive impact in our communities today.

How Can I Help Lab Rescue Of Atlanta?

Lab Rescue of Atlanta provides a number of training opportunities for their rescued labs. These range from basic obedience to advanced tricks and agility classes. But after the dogs have been trained, there are still other ways you can help Lab Rescue of Atlanta continue its mission: by providing foster homes or volunteering your time for various activities.

Foster Homes play an important role in rescuing more Labs and giving them another shot at finding forever homes. By offering up space in your home, you will provide a safe place for these animals as they wait to find permanent adoptive families. Not only does this give the dog some stability during transition, but it also allows Lab Rescue of Atlanta to save additional lives while they work on placing their current rescues into loving homes.

Volunteer opportunities with Lab Rescue of Atlanta abound! Whether it’s working in their office or helping out at adoption events, there is always something that could use an extra set of hands and hearts. There are even special volunteer roles like transporting rescue dogs between temporary foster care and vet appointments—so no matter what kind of skillset you possess, chances are good that you can be put to good use here!

All volunteers must complete orientation before beginning any assignments so make sure to sign up today to get started down the path towards making a difference in lab rescue.

What Kind Of Medical Treatment Does Lab Rescue Of Atlanta Provide?

Lab Rescue of Atlanta provides a variety of medical treatments for its rescued pups. The organization offers preventative care, such as vaccinations, flea and tick prevention, heart-worm testing and deworming. This is all done at no cost to the adopters.

They also cover any health issues that come up during the foster period with their volunteers. Additionally, Lab Rescue of Atlanta helps cover the medical costs for certain procedures like spay/neuter surgeries and other necessary vet visits.

The organization works hard to make sure each pup goes home healthy and ready for adoption into their forever homes. All adoptable dogs must pass a full exam before they can be adopted out including physical exams and lab tests if needed. This ensures that every dog has been given proper care prior to adoption so that they are in good shape when joining their new families.

These services provided by Lab Rescue of Atlanta ensure that every rescue pup gets the best possible start on life after being saved from an uncertain future – whether it’s through preventive measures or covering costly medical expenses associated with their recovery process. It’s part of why many consider them one of the most reputable rescues in the area!

What Is The Cost Of Adopting A Dog From Lab Rescue Of Atlanta?

When it comes to medical care for rescue dogs, Lab Rescue of Atlanta provides comprehensive treatment for all their rescued animals. From spaying or neutering to routine vaccinations and basic treatments, they ensure that the dog is healthy before adopting them out. However, there are still some costs involved in adopting a canine companion from this organization.

Fortunately, with foster volunteering opportunities available, those who wish to adopt can take advantage of cost savings while also helping out a furry friend in need. By fostering an animal through Lab Rescue of Atlanta, potential adopters can get an idea of how owning a pet would fit into their lifestyle without having to commit financially right away. This makes adoption more accessible to people who may not be able to afford the full cost of adoption up front.

The benefit of going through Lab Rescue of Atlanta versus other shelters is that almost all veterinary expenses are already taken care of prior to adoption. All prospective pet owners have to pay is the required fee which helps cover the general operations and administrative costs associated with running the organization’s programs. On average, adopters should expect anywhere between $200-$400 depending on whether or not you’re adopting one dog or two at once.

What Is The Average Timeframe For Adopting A Dog?

Lab Rescue of Atlanta makes it easy for anyone interested in adopting a dog. The process starts with submitting an application and is followed by the vetting process which includes meeting the potential adopter, checking references, calling veterinarians, making home visits, evaluating each dog’s behavior and suitability for adoption into any given family or individual’s lifestyle.

In order to ensure that each adopted pup has found their forever home there are several steps you should expect when going through this process:

  1. Submit your application
  2. Meet with Lab Rescue of Atlanta representative
  3. Provide vet records & personal/work reference information
  4. Home visit will be conducted by our staff

It typically takes about 2-4 weeks from start to finish for all necessary paperwork and screenings to take place before being approved to adopt one of our pups! We understand that waiting can sometimes be difficult but we want to make sure that each pup finds its perfect fit so they never have to worry about being without a loving home again.

What Is The Return Policy?

Adopting a dog from Lab Rescue of Atlanta is an important decision and one that should be taken seriously. To ensure the best possible outcome for both adopters and animals, it’s essential to understand the return policy associated with each adoption.

Like many rescue organizations, Lab Rescue of Atlanta has established a set of guidelines governing returns and adoptions. At its core, the organization seeks to place dogs in permanent homes where they will receive lifelong love and care. As such, all prospective adoptive families must meet certain criteria before being approved for adoption. This includes completing an application process, undergoing background checks, providing references as well as paying an adoption fee that covers spay/neuter surgery, vaccinations and microchipping. In addition, there are restrictions on when or under what circumstances a returned animal may be adopted out again.

When it comes to returning dogs after adoption, Lab Rescue of Atlanta makes every effort to avoid this scenario by thoroughly vetting potential families beforehand. However, if for any reason an adopter cannot keep their pet beyond 30 days following placement into a home environment then arrangements can be made with the organization to have them reassessed at no cost to the adopter – provided they adhere to the conditions outlined upon signing the Adoption Agreement form.

Ultimately, it is up to individuals considering adopting a dog from Lab Rescue of Atlanta to familiarize themselves with these policies prior to making the commitment so everyone involved understands what is expected throughout the entire process – from application through rehoming or return.

How Can I Donate To Lab Rescue Of Atlanta?

Now that you know all about Lab Rescue of Atlanta’s return policy, let’s discuss the different ways to donate.

Volunteering and financial support are both great ways to show your appreciation for the organization’s mission.

If you have some time on your hands, there are a few volunteer opportunities available at Lab Rescue of Atlanta. You can help out in the adoption center or foster animals in need until they find their forever home. Additionally, volunteers also assist with transporting animals from shelters to adoptive homes.

Financial donations are welcomed as well! Your generous donation helps cover vet bills, food costs, and other necessary expenditures for these deserving pets.

There are multiple payment options available such as PayPal, credit cards, checks and cash payments – whatever works best for you! Here is a list of things your contribution will help provide:

  • Vaccinations & Medications
  • Spay/Neuter Surgeries
  • Food & Supplies
  • Veterinary Care & Treatment

Your donation makes it possible for this nonprofit animal rescue group to continue saving lives every day – no matter how big or small your contribution may be.

So thank you for considering supporting Lab Rescue of Atlanta today!

What Kind Of Support Does Lab Rescue Of Atlanta Offer?

When it comes to rescuing and re-homing Labrador Retrievers, Lab Rescue of Atlanta is second to none. For over two decades their dedicated volunteers have worked tirelessly to help dogs in need of homes find their forever families.

From shelter rescues to owner surrenders, they offer a range of support for these deserving creatures.

Lab Rescue of Atlanta offers more than just finding new homes for their rescue pups; they provide an array of services designed to ensure adoption success. Dog owners can take advantage of behavior hotlines and training advice from experienced professionals in order to better understand canine needs and behaviors. They also organize events such as agility competitions that foster positive relationships between humans and dogs alike – helping create strong bonds that promote successful adoptions.

Through the work of this organization, countless lives are given new beginnings each year throughout the greater Atlanta area. It’s no wonder why so many people turn to them when looking for a furry companion or assistance with dog behavioral issues; with Lab Rescue of Atlanta, there’s always hope on the horizon!

What Are The Benefits Of Adopting A Dog From Lab Rescue Of Atlanta?

Adopting a dog from Lab Rescue of Atlanta can have many positive impacts on the life of a new pet owner.

First, when adopting from this organization, all dogs are spayed or neutered and up to date with their vaccinations for rabies and distemper. This means that you don’t need to worry about taking your newly adopted pup in to get these medical needs taken care of right away.

Additionally, each pup is provided microchip registration before being sent home with its new family so they will always be able to locate them if needed.

Another great benefit offered by Lab Rescue of Atlanta is the support available after adoption. The organization has an extensive network of volunteers who provide advice and assistance whenever it is needed throughout the process. They also offer resources such as training classes for puppies, behavioral advice for older dogs, and even help connecting local owners with veterinarians that specialize in animal health care services.

The most important advantage of working with Lab Rescue of Atlanta is the fact that every dog gets a second chance at a loving home where they can find safety, love, and companionship. Dogs from this rescue are well socialized and adjusted to living among other animals and humans which helps ensure a successful transition into any household environment.

Not only do adopters gain a loyal companion but they also save lives while providing much-needed homes to homeless pets in need.

What Is The Success Rate Of Lab Rescue Of Atlanta?

Overall, adopting a dog from Lab Rescue of Atlanta offers numerous benefits to pet owners. From providing medical care and vaccinations to offering educational resources and support networks, the organization is committed to helping both adopters and their furry friends have the best experience possible.

It’s no surprise then that Lab Rescue of Atlanta has an impressive success rate. The organization not only provides dogs with a safe space while they wait for their forever homes but also offers specialized programs such as pet therapy and foster care initiatives.

In addition, Lab Rescue of Atlanta employs experienced staff members who are dedicated to matching animals with families whose needs perfectly match those of each individual pup in order to ensure successful adoptions.

Lab Rescue of Atlanta strives for every adoption story to be one filled with joy, comfort, love, and adventure – giving dogs the chance at happily ever afters they so deserve. With this focus on creating positive outcomes for everyone involved in their adoptions, it’s easy to see why their success rate continues to remain high year after year.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Does Lab Rescue Of Atlanta Take In New Dogs?

Every week, countless canines need care and compassion. To ensure that each pup finds the perfect home, many animal rescues have a rigorous vetting process and adoption procedure.

Lab Rescue of Atlanta is no different. The organization takes in new dogs on a regular basis to provide them with a loving family—and they make sure every pup goes through their extensive checklist before being adopted out.

Their vetting process includes interviews, background checks, veterinary screenings, vaccinations, and more; all aimed at guaranteeing successful adoptions for both pet and potential parent alike.

Does Lab Rescue Of Atlanta Have A Foster System?

The foster system is an important part of the rescue process for many organizations. It involves providing a temporary home for animals, typically dogs, and helping them get adopted by loving families.

To be able to take in new dogs, most organizations that have a foster system also require potential fosters to go through a vetting process and meet certain requirements based on breed or size.

Lab Rescue of Atlanta has such a program which allows volunteers to provide care and attention to their rescued pups while they wait to find their forever homes.

Does Lab Rescue Of Atlanta Require Any Forms Of Identification From Potential Adopters?

Adopting a pet is an exciting process, but it comes with some requirements.

If you’re considering adopting from Lab Rescue of Atlanta, be aware that they require potential adopters to provide certain forms of identification as part of their adoption process.

This includes vet paperwork and other documents to prove your identity and eligibility for the adoption.

Taking the time to gather these items prior to applying can help make sure everything goes smoothly in the adoption process!

Does Lab Rescue Of Atlanta Provide Any Post-Adoption Support?

Yes, post-adoption support is available for those who adopt a pet through Lab Rescue of Atlanta.

They provide vet care and behavioral support to ensure both the adopter and their new pet are successful in establishing a healthy relationship with one another.

Vet care includes vaccinations, spaying/neutering, microchipping, and other necessary medical treatments.

Additionally, they offer behavioral guidance to help the adopter better understand how to manage any issues that may arise between them and their adopted pet.

Are There Any Age Restrictions For Potential Adopters?

When it comes to adopting a pet, many people have certain expectations. One of these is age: potential adopters may wonder if there are any age restrictions in place.

When researching adoption requirements, one should investigate the truth behind this theory – as some organizations do indeed impose age limits when it comes to adopting pets.

While Lab Rescue of Atlanta does not specify an exact limit on their website, they do ask that all prospective adopters be at least 21 years old and fully capable of caring for their new family member.


I’m sure many potential adopters are eager to open their hearts and homes to the wonderful pups that Lab Rescue of Atlanta has available for adoption.

The rescue organization does a great job of providing support before, during, and after adoption – from verifying identification to offering post-adoption assistance.

It’s amazing how they can provide such care with no age restrictions in place.

For anyone looking for an unconditional companion, I’d highly recommend visiting Lab Rescue of Atlanta and seeing what furry friends await you!

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