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June 30, 2023
Annette Thompson
Hillside Spca

The Hillside SPCA is a non-profit organization dedicated to the welfare of animals in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania. Founded in 1956, the organization has been providing care and shelter for abandoned, abused, and neglected animals for over six decades.

Today, the Hillside SPCA is one of the most renowned animal welfare organizations in the area, with a team of passionate individuals committed to making a difference in the lives of animals.

For those who have an innate desire to serve others and make a positive impact on their community, volunteering at the Hillside SPCA can be an incredibly fulfilling experience.

From providing comfort and care to animals in need to supporting various programs that promote responsible pet ownership and animal welfare education, there are countless ways for volunteers to get involved.

Whether you’re looking to spend time with furry friends or want to help raise awareness about important animal-related issues, there’s no shortage of opportunities at the Hillside SPCA.

Key Takeaways

  • Hillside SPCA is a non-profit organization that provides care and shelter for abandoned, abused, and neglected animals in Schuylkill County, PA.
  • The organization offers a range of services such as adoption services, spay/neuter clinics, cruelty investigations, humane education initiatives, and affordable spay/neuter services to control the pet population.
  • Hillside SPCA actively engages with its community through outreach events, educational seminars, and volunteer opportunities.
  • The organization relies heavily on volunteers and fundraising events to provide the best care possible to its animals, and community partnerships can help spread awareness about its mission and encourage more support.

A History of the Hillside SPCA

Hillside Spca

The Hillside SPCA has a rich history that includes the dedication and hard work of countless individuals. It’s been around since the 1950s, and the founding story is one of compassion and determination. In the early ’50s, a group of animal-loving friends saw the need for an organization that would protect animals from cruelty and neglect. They began meeting regularly, discussing ways to raise awareness and funds for their cause.

One notable moment in Hillside’s history occurred in the late ’80s when they took on a case involving over 100 neglected horses. The rescue operation was massive, requiring resources from multiple organizations and volunteers. Despite the challenges, Hillside persevered and successfully rehabilitated all of the horses under their care. This event solidified their reputation as a trusted animal welfare organization in Pennsylvania and beyond.

Throughout its history, bonevoyagedogrescue has remained steadfast in its commitment to serving animals like dogs in need. They offer various programs such as adoption services, spay/neuter clinics, cruelty investigations, humane education initiatives, among others.

The Mission and Values of the Hillside SPCA

Hillside Spca

You’ll feel inspired by the Hillside SPCA’s dedication to animal welfare and compassion for all living creatures. Their mission is to provide a safe haven for neglected, abused, and abandoned animals while promoting responsible pet ownership through community outreach.

The Hillside SPCA is committed to finding loving homes for their furry friends through adoption events, spay/neuter programs, and humane education.

The Hillside SPCA values the human-animal bond and believes that every animal deserves a chance at a happy life. They strive to create a compassionate society where animals are treated with respect and kindness.

Through their community outreach efforts, they educate people on proper animal care and encourage them to be responsible pet owners.

The Hillside SPCA isn’t just an animal shelter – it’s a place where animals receive the love and care they deserve while creating a positive impact on the community.

Programs and Services Offered by the Hillside SPCA

Join our cause in giving furry friends a chance at a brighter future with the Hillside SPCA’s array of services and programs.

The organization offers a variety of programs and services that aim to help animals find their forever homes, as well as educate the community on responsible pet ownership. Here are just a few examples:

  1. Adoption Services: The Hillside SPCA provides adoption services for cats, dogs, and other small animals. They carefully screen potential adopters to ensure they’re providing loving and safe homes for these animals.
  2. Spay/Neuter Program: The organization also offers affordable spay/neuter services to help control the pet population in their area.
  3. Community Outreach: The Hillside SPCA actively engages with its community through outreach events such as adoption fairs, educational seminars, and volunteer opportunities.
  4. Emergency Rescue Services: In times of natural disasters or emergencies, the Hillside SPCA works tirelessly to rescue and care for animals in need.

By supporting the Hillside SPCA’s programs and services, you can make a difference in the lives of countless a dog furry friends who desperately need our help!

Volunteer Opportunities at the Hillside SPCA

Hillside Spca

Get involved and make a positive impact on furry lives by taking advantage of volunteer opportunities available at the bonevoyagedogrescue. As an animal shelter, they rely heavily on the help of volunteers to provide the best care possible to their animals.

Volunteers can assist with various tasks such as feeding, cleaning, walking dogs, socializing cats, and even helping with adoptions. One of the most rewarding aspects of volunteering at Hillside SPCA is animal interaction. This allows volunteers to build relationships with animals that may have been neglected or abandoned before arriving at the shelter.

Additionally, volunteers can participate in fundraising events for the organization which helps raise money for medical expenses and other necessities for the animals in their care. By volunteering at Hillside SPCA, individuals not only make a difference in an animal’s life but also contribute to making their community a better place.

Making a Difference through Donations and Support

Hillside Spca

If you happen to come across an injured animal in your community, there are various ways you can make a difference through donations and support.

One great way to help is by attending fundraising events held by them. These events not only raise money for the organization but also provide a fun opportunity for members of the community to come together and show their support.

In addition to attending events, you can also make a difference by forming community partnerships with them. By working together with businesses and organizations in your area, you can help spread awareness about the organization’s mission and encourage others to join in supporting its cause.

Whether it’s through hosting donation drives or sharing information on social media, every effort counts towards making a positive impact on the lives of animals in need.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to adopt a pet from the Hillside SPCA?

Adoption fees vary depending on the animal and adoption process. It’s important to consider the costs of vaccinations, spaying or neutering, and microchipping. Adopting a pet can be a rewarding experience for those looking to serve their furry companions.

Is there a waiting list for surrendering a pet to the Hillside SPCA?

Pet relinquishment process may vary among animal shelters, including the existence of a waiting list for surrendering. It’s important to research and prepare before making the decision to surrender a pet.

Can I bring my pet to them for medical treatment?

If a pet needs medical treatment, there are options available. Some clinics and animal hospitals offer emergency care, while others require appointments or referrals. It’s important to research requirements and processes before seeking treatment for a beloved pet.

What types of animals does the Hillside SPCA typically rescue?

Hillside SPCA rescues a variety of animals, including dogs, cats, rabbits, and birds. Adoption fees vary depending on the type of animal and include spaying/neutering and vaccinations. Serving these furry friends helps give them a second chance at life.

How does they’ve work with other animal welfare organizations in the area?

Animal welfare organizations in the area collaborate through community partnerships to increase their impact. They work together to rescue and care for animals. These collaboration efforts help them serve more animals and achieve their shared goal of improving animal welfare in the community.


In conclusion, the Hillside SPCA may seem like just another animal shelter, but it’s so much more than that. With its rich history of compassion and dedication, the Hillside SPCA has become a shining beacon of hope for animals in need.

Its mission is to promote humane treatment and care for all animals, which is an inspiration to us all. Through its various programs and services, the Hillside SPCA continues to make a tangible difference in the lives of countless animals every day.

Volunteer opportunities and donation options are available, so anyone can get involved and help support this worthy cause. If you’re looking to make a real difference in the world and help give voice to those who cannot speak for themselves, look no further than the Hillside SPCA.

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