Help Us Rescue 106 Puppies and Dogs

Thank you for your interest in and past support of Bone Voyage Dog Rescue. I’m writing to share some difficult news regarding a recent situation that has deeply affected our dog shelters and adoption services. In July we were approached by someone who offered to give Bone Voyage a very large donation of several million dollars. 💰💰

However, we found out this week that the person had conned us (and 2 other charities) and never had money to donate.

We were relying on this donation to cover the operating expenses at our 2 dog shelters where we care for over 100 dogs and puppies. Without that donation, we can no longer afford to keep our shelters open and must return to being a foster-based rescue for the time being. 🆘 We will move the dogs already adopted to foster homes until they fly north so people in the process of adopting will not be affected. For the other dogs, we urgently need donations so they can continue to be cared for.

We are heartbroken 💔 for the precious dogs we serve. Bone Voyage Dog Rescue remains committed to our mission of rescuing and providing a better life for dogs in need. Our Board of Directors is addressing the short and long-term requirements of the organization so that we can continue to save the many homeless puppies and dogs in the Lake Chapala area and fly them to Canadian and American adopters.

Bone Voyage  needs your help now more than ever! Here’s how you can help:

  • Make a one-time donation TODAY that will help support the daily needs of the dogs 🐾 and puppies in our shelters.
  • Consider subscribing as a monthly donor or increasing ☝🏼your existing monthly donation.

Your donation goes a long way here!

  • $11 USD ($16 CAD)  will buy a multi-vaccine 💉 to prevent parvo & distemper,
  • $30 USD ($40 CAD) will buy a 44 lb (20 kg) bag of puppy food 🥩.
  • $50 USD ($70 CAD) will sponsor a dog 🐕 for a month.
  • $664 USD ($919 CAD) will pay our shelter 🏠 rent for a month.

To donate, please go to:  https://bonevoyagedogrescue.com/donate/

We are incredibly grateful for your donations, which allow us to rescue hundreds of puppies and dogs in need every year and fly them to loving adopters in Canada and the US. Thank you for your understanding and unwavering support during this challenging time.

Annette Thompson, Director
Bone Voyage Dog Rescue