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Bone Voyage Dog Rescue

You are a very important part of the process and we really appreciate it. Here are some answers to some questions you may have. There is also helpful information for your before, during, and after flight.

A few generalizations: Best-laid plans can go astray. Bone Voyage has flown more than 4,000 dogs. We know what to do. And we are 100% legal, following all countries’ directives.

Flight Angel Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know some of the details of the trip and how many dogs will be flying with me?

You will be included in a message with Bone Voyage staff and those who you will meet at arriving airport north, the adopters and partner rescue people.  This will occur via Messenger chat.   Bone Voyage staff will create the chat.  We ask that you check it from time to time to make sure you are aware of anything you might need to know.

Do I check in online prior to the flight going north?

Because you are traveling with dogs, no need to check in online.   This will occur at the airport, in person, when you, the flier, and the dogs have arrived, prior to departure. 

Concerned about when the dog can go to the bathroom?

Dogs tend to not be prone to going to the bathroom  before, during and after flight.  The rescuers and adopters at the arriving airport will let them out to urinate and/or poop and have scissors to cut the crate ties.

Are you planning to fly with Air Canada?

It may be difficult or impossible to attach the dogs to your flight once booked.  Please work with Bone Voyage staff before booking your Air Canada trip, so you are able to take dogs north.  For instance, Air Canada accepts dogs flying in the cabin only.   None in the belly of the plane.  This is true as of spring 2023.  Who knows if their policy will change?

What else do I need to know at the Guadalajara Airport?

Are you visiting Mexico on a tourist visa?  You can go directly to the airline counter, once you are with all the dogs and Bone Voyage staff.  Do you have a temporal or permanente visa for Mexico?  Go to Immigration first, then to the airline counter with dogs and Bone Voyage staff.  If you are carrying a dog with you, under the seat, you will need to remove the dog from the carrier, when going through Security, so the dog isn’t scanned.   It is recommended that you either keep the leash on the dog at all times, in and out of the carrier, or leash dog during removal of the carrier, in case the dog jumps out of your arms.   Saves lots of running around, chasing a dog in the airport. Each carrier and crate will have a pee pad, leash, and the dog will already have a collar on him/her.   Once the dogs, who are flying under the belly of the aircraft, are checked in with the airlines, you will see them next after you land.  Where?  It varies with each airport, and separate instructions for airport arrival will be sent to you. 

Who do I contact if there are snafus at the airports?

Bone Voyage staff will be with you at the Guadalajara Airport for airline check in.  They will support you during this time.  Message on the Messenger group.  The one with Bone Voyage staff and adopters/rescuers. 

Where do I go to retrieve the animals, assuming they flew in the belly of the plane, in cargo, upon landing at the airport north? Where do I meet the adopters and/or rescue staff upon arrival, and after processing dogs with government authorities?

This may vary, from airport to airport.  Information will be given to you prior to your departure from Guadalajara.  You also may be carrying a dog with you on the plane, under the seat.

I am going north solely for Bone Voyage to transport dogs north and will then return to Guadalajara. If an overnight stay is needed for the return flight, who locates and pays for hotel and transport to hotel?

Please find a hotel of your choice and pay for it.  This includes the transport to/from airport to hotel.  Submit receipts to Valeria Odett, if you wish to be reimbursed by Bone Voyage.  If you pay in CAD or USD, you will be reimbursed in USD currency with the current exchange rate, via a PayPal Bone Voyage account. 

Who handles all the details for booking my flight, if flying solely to take dogs north, or if attaching dogs to my current flight reservation? And when will I learn these details?

Bone Voyage staff will handle that.  If flying for yourself,we will ask for your itinerary and book the dogs separately.  If flying solely for the dogs we will book your flight with your involvement

 Ideally, you will be given at least one week’s notice and likely more time than that.

Who handles all the dogs’ paperwork?

Bone Voyage staff.  They will be with you and will interact with airline personnel at Guadalajara Airport to process the dogs.  Flying more than one dog?  The crates and carrier are labeled with the dogs’ names. A dog weighing less than 20 pounds or 9 kilograms may be a carryon, rather than being placed in the belly of the plane in the cargo section.  You will have already agreed to that before the flight.  If you do not want to have a dog as carry on, let us know.

Are you flying on Volaris or AeroMexico?

If Volaris, they do not have cell phone charging capability on their plane, as of this time.  Please go to the Airport with 100% charge or charge, before going on the plane.  AeroMexico has charging capability during flight.  You will need your phone for messaging and photos of happy dogs and people, if you are inclined.  You may want to power off your phone during the flight to save power, if flying Volaris.   You are welcome to message on the Messenger string during the following times:  1) after airline check in at Guadalajara, 2) when flight is about to take off, 3) when landed.  Photos are welcome, too.  This is not necessary, but can be helpful.

May I get a ride to the airport and what time?

Yes.  Bone Voyage staff will communicate to you at least three to five days prior to flight with pickup time and location.  The contact who handles this is a Bone Voyage staff member and  can be reached via Messenger.   The pickup will be such that you will need to be at the Guadalajara Airport a minimum of three hours prior to flight time.  This allows for dog check in with the airlines.  Check in can take awhile as the airline staff does a thorough check of paperwork  Your Bone Voyage representative will speak Spanish and will handle all of this

How do I handle the Customs form, given to me by the attendant, on the airplane, for both Canada and the US?

Please remember to check the box to YES, for flying with animals.

How long is an estimated time to add to processing the animals upon arrival north, if friends/family will be waiting for me?

This can vary quite a bit, due to which airport you are flying to, let alone other variables.  There is no average time, and it can range from half an hour to three hours. 

How do I connect with the rescues and/or adopters at the arriving airport north?

You will be given the names and cell phone numbers of the people waiting to take the dogs.  This will occur at the Guadalajara Airport, along with all necessary paperwork for the dogs, prior to your departure.  The rescues and adopters have your flight and contact information. Please remember to give all paperwork to the rescues and adopters.  You don’t keep any of it. 

If flying for Bone Voyage, and returning shortly to Guadalajara Airport, will I get a ride returning to my place of stay?

Yes.  Either a driver will be waiting for you at the airport, with a sign with your name,  or  you may take a taxi and be reimbursed by Bone Voyage.  If Bone Voyage driver, you will be given their contact information.  This driver may or may not understand english. 

Need to Know More?

Finally, thank you for flying with these dogs. You have made a huge impact on their lives, and the lives of their soon to be families. Your time is precious. And any monetary contributions to help pay for their flight is greatly appreciated. A huge thank you to you.