How to Build a Strong Bond with Your Dog: Proven Strategies for Deeper Connection

November 21, 2023
Joseph Olid

Dogs are lovely companions; they cheer their owners up when they feel down. Additionally, they improve their owners’ health and social life through walks and outdoor games. Their presence and love also help to prevent loneliness and depression. It’s no wonder many people adore them; according to a survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association (APPA), 53% of U.S families own a dog. Showing your dog love is one way to appreciate them and also strengthens your bond. Here are some ways to adore your cute animal companions.

1. Use facial expressions

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It’s interesting to note that your dog might have been communicating with you with their face, but you might have ignored it or attributed it to another feeling. However, research suggests that dogs use these facial expressions to talk with humans. According to Chief Veterinary Officer Dr. Michael Sanwald, dogs use their left eyebrows to greet their partners, displaying emotional connection. When you notice your pomsky raise its left eyebrow, you should reciprocate by raising yours too.

    2. Take them out for exercise

    Like humans, dogs need to exercise their bodies because it’s instrumental to their health and helps keep them in shape. On average, your dog needs 30-60 minutes of exercise, so you must ensure that you’re constantly keeping it busy. For instance, you can take them out for walks regularly or play the fetch game with them. You can also let your dog run up and down the stairs or engage in a tug of war. These exercises help to strengthen their muscles, improve blood circulation and increase their longevity. Plus, it gives you the chance to bond with them as well.

    3. Go for regular check-ups

    One way to show love to your dog is to make its health a priority, and what better way to do this than to visit the veterinarian regularly? Dogs and other animals tend to hide pain and discomfort pretty well, further escalated by the lack of verbal communication. So the only way to be sure of your furry baby’s health is to take it to the vet regularly. It’s essential, especially when your dog is aging and more prone to medical conditions, as it will help detect these conditions and resolve them immediately. Also, going to the vet will prepare you to spot subtle signs in your dog so that you can address them early enough.

    4. Help them overcome fear

    One way to show love to your dog is to help it overcome its fears. Now, this might sound contradictory, but the way to go about it is to be calm and assertive when your dog shows fear. The reason is that dogs view displays of affection as rewards and will keep being fearful if you always respond by petting them instead of being firm. Doing this with your dog will help prevent them from becoming skittish, afraid, and miserable anytime it is disturbed. Therefore, you need to lead it out of fear, as dogs learn by example.

    Your dog is one of the most loyal companions that you can ever have, as they stick by you through thick and thin. It’s vital to express your affection for them regularly and care for them.  

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