Adopting a Dog From Mexico: Top 5 Advantages and Disadvantages

April 8, 2023
Annette Thompson

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Adopting a dog from Mexico is becoming more widespread among those wanting to have a furry companion. This comprehensive guide will provide valuable insights into the process and benefits of adopting a rescue dog from Mexico and compare it with local shelter adoptions.

We’ll explore the advantages of adopting locally, such as more accessible interactions with potential canine companions and lower transportation costs. On the other hand, we’ll delve into international adoption efforts in countries like Mexico, where stray dogs face dire circumstances.

In addition to talking about how international rescues fly dogs to their adopters in the US and Canada, we’ll discuss how you can choose to combine pet adoption with memorable travel experiences by visiting your future pet in person, or we can get a volunteer to fly your dog to your nearest airport.

International Adoption – Mexico’s Stray Dog Crisis

Adopting a Dog

Adopting a dog from Mexico or another overseas location can significantly impact your life and that of your new furry friend. The overpopulation of stray dogs in countries like Mexico often leads to tragic outcomes, such as poisoning or electrocution by local governments who cannot afford proper veterinary care. By choosing international adoption, you are not only giving a loving home to an animal in need but also contributing towards addressing the issue of homeless dogs abroad.

1. Addressing the Issue of Homeless Dogs Abroad

In Mexico, there is an abundance of homeless canines (about 22 million), leading to a critical overpopulation issue. The consequences of this overpopulation have been disastrous, with many animals facing starvation, illness, and mistreatment, including air pollution by fecal matter. Many shelters and rescue organizations need more resources and funding to keep up with the overwhelming number of animals in need.

Adopting a dog from Mexico can have far-reaching implications for both the human and canine involved, particularly in countries such as Mexico, where there is an alarming surplus of homeless dogs. Bone Voyage, Dog Rescue, and similar organizations help address this issue by rescuing stray Mexican dogs, fostering them until they are ready for adoption, finding them loving homes in North America, and flying them out to begin their new lives. However, it’s essential to understand that adopted dogs require additional patience and understanding during the transition.

2. Taking A Vacation To Meet Your Future Pet In Person

One unique aspect of adopting a dog from Mexico is combining it with travel plans. You could plan a vacation trip to meet potential pets at shelters or rescue organizations in other countries, including Mexico. This allows you time for bonding and an opportunity for cultural experiences while helping animals in need.

Combining Pet Adoption With Memorable Travel Experiences

Adopting a Dog

Planning your vacation around meeting adoptable dogs will create unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime. Imagine taking a trip to the beautiful town of Ajijic, next to Chapala Lake, in Mexico, where you can enjoy its picturesque streets and vibrant culture while visiting local dog shelters like Bone Voyage Dog Rescue. By traveling to meet your future pet, you can create lasting memories while positively impacting the life of an animal in need.

Building connections during personal visits

  • Bonding: Traveling to meet the dog you are adopting from Mexico gives both of you ample time to bond before bringing them home. It’s essential for building trust and ensuring compatibility between all family members.
  •  Evaluating temperament: Meeting dogs in person allows prospective adopters to assess their personality traits firsthand. This helps ensure they select the right match based on energy levels, sociability, and behavior around children or other pets.
  •  Gaining insight into care requirements: Visiting international shelters enables potential adopters to learn more about the specific needs of their future pets, including any medical or behavioral issues that may require special attention.
  •  Supporting local organizations: By visiting shelters and rescue groups abroad, you directly support their efforts to save lives and improve animal welfare in their communities. Adopting from a foreign shelter can provide vital funds to provide sustenance, housing, and veterinary care for animals that need it.
  •  Become a flight angel: now that you are taking your new best friend dog, why not take advantage of the trip and bring more dogs with you on your trip back to their new homes?

Taking a vacation to meet for adopting a dog from Mexico can be an enriching experience that benefits both you and the dog you choose to adopt. It will provide a unique opportunity for bonding with your new canine companion, contributing positively towards addressing the global issue of homeless dogs.

Obtaining a pet can be immensely gratifying, and going on a journey for adopting a dog from Mexico could prove even more meaningful. Navigating the logistics of international adoption requires careful consideration of transport options and budgeting for extra expenses.

Combining adopting a dog from Mexico with travel plans can create unforgettable memories while helping animals in need. Visiting shelters abroad allows potential adopters to bond with their future pets, evaluate temperament and gain insight into care requirements while supporting local organizations.

Navigating The Logistics Of International Adoption

While adopting a dog from Mexico has its rewards, additional challenges are involved compared to local adoptions. These include long waiting times if coordinating transport via volunteer flyers and potentially higher fees due to transportation costs. This section will discuss the logistics of international dog adoption and provide some helpful tips for navigating these challenges.

Understanding Transport Options (Volunteer Flyers)

One key aspect of adopting a dog from Mexico is arranging transportation for your new furry friend from their country of origin to your home. Many organizations like Bone Voyage Dog Rescue rely on volunteer flyers who travel between countries with adoptable dogs in tow. This method can be more cost-effective than commercial pet shipping services but may require more patience as you wait for a suitable flyer.

  • Research available options: Start by researching different rescue organizations that facilitate international adoptions and understand their preferred animal transport methods.
  •  Contact potential flyers: Reach out to friends or family members who might be traveling soon or join online groups where people offer their help as volunteer flyers. If you don’t know anyone that can volunteer to take the dogs, with some patience, we can find you someone that will take your doggie to a nearby airport.
  •  Paperwork preparation: Ensure all necessary paperwork, such as health certificates, vaccination records, and import permits, are in order before the flight. Bone Voyage arranges everything for you, so you don’t have to worry.

Factoring Extra Expenses Into Budget Considerations

Budgeting is an essential part of any pet adoption process; however, when adopting internationally, it’s crucial to factor in extra expenses associated with transportation costs. While many rescue organizations try to keep these fees minimal through fundraising efforts or subsidies provided by partner airlines, they still need consideration during planning.

  • Adoption fees: These may be higher for international adoptions due to the additional resources required in facilitating transport and ensuring proper care during travel.
  •  Airline fees: Some airlines charge extra for transporting pets, even when accompanied by a volunteer flyer. Make sure to research these costs beforehand and factor them into your budget.
  •  Pet supplies and preparation: You’ll need essential items such as a suitable pet carrier, food, water dishes, and any necessary medications or supplements before your dog’s arrival. Plan so you can have everything ready on time without last-minute stressors.

However, when adopting a dog from Mexico with Bone Voyage Dog Rescue, you only need to pay a fee of 400USD for large dogs, 500USD for regular dogs, and 600USD for dogs under eight months. This cost doesn’t cover the total costs for Bone Voyage for rehoming a dog in the USA, so any further donation is kindly accepted.

Key Takeaway: 

Adopting a dog from Mexico involves navigating the logistics of arranging transportation for your new furry friend from their country of origin to your home, which volunteer flyers can do. You should consider the expenses with the flight and paperwork, but if you decide to adopt through Bone Voyage Dog Rescue, you don’t have to worry about these details.

Adopting a Dog Locally

Opting to take in a pup from your nearby area is an excellent choice for offering a forever home to an animal who needs it. Local adoption can be quicker and more straightforward, allowing you to meet the dog before deciding.

Adopting a Dog

3. Easier Interaction with Potential Canine Companions

Adopting locally gives you ample opportunities to interact with potential canine companions at nearby shelters or rescue organizations. By visiting these facilities in person, you can better understand each dog’s personality and temperament, ensuring that they are compatible with your lifestyle and family dynamic. Additionally, many online resources allow prospective adopters to browse through profiles of available dogs within their region.

4. Faster Adoption Process Due To Proximity

The adoption process tends to be faster when adopting locally because you and the shelter are close. You won’t need to wait for long-distance transportation arrangements or deal with complex paperwork required for international adoptions. In most cases, once the shelter or rescue organization approves, it takes just days or weeks until your new furry friend joins your household.

  • No lengthy waiting periods due to transport logistics
  •  More straightforward paperwork requirements compared to international adoptions
  •  Potential for same-day adoption depending on individual circumstances

5. Can be cheaper

In general, local pet adoptions tend to be faster and less expensive than those involving animals from overseas locations like Mexico. The primary reason behind this cost difference lies in transportation expenses: when adopting internationally, there may be additional fees to cover airfare and other related costs. It is still cheaper to adopt a Mexican dog from Bone Voyage Dog Rescue than buy a breed dog from a puppy mill or Craigslist.

Adopting a dog locally can be more convenient because you can drive quickly to meet your dog in person. However, international adoption is also essential to addressing the issue of homeless dogs abroad and saving lives through these efforts. 

Giving a pup a permanent residence nearby is an excellent choice for providing them with a loving home. It allows for easier interaction with potential canine companions, a faster adoption process due to proximity, and lower costs associated with transportation compared to international adoptions. Additionally, local adoption can be quicker and more straightforward, allowing you to meet the dog before deciding.

Frequently Asked Questions International Dog Adoption

Is it safe to adopt dogs from other countries?

It is generally safe to adopt dogs from other countries if you work with a reputable rescue organization. These organizations follow strict health and safety protocols, including vaccinations and quarantine procedures when necessary—researching the organization and understanding the country’s specific requirements for pet importation. You can find more information on the CDC website.

Why do people rescue dogs from other countries?

People choose international dog adoption for various reasons:

  • Addressing stray dog crises in foreign countries
  • Saving lives through global efforts
  • Finding unique breeds unavailable locally

International adoptions also provide memorable travel experiences while building personal connections with potential canine companions during visits.

Can you adopt a dog in another country and return it to the USA?

Absolutely. You can adopt a dog in another country and bring them to the USA by following procedures such as obtaining required documentation (e.g., vaccination records), meeting import regulations (CDC guidelines), and arranging transportation options like volunteer flyers or professional pet transport services.

How much does bringing a dog from Mexico to the USA cost?

It depends on where you adopt, how you transport the pet, and its health status, age, and size. If you adopt a dog from Bone Voyage, it costs 400-600 USD. It can cost thousands of dollars if you fly to get the pet and organize all the veterinary care and documents yourself.

How to bring a dog from Mexico to Canada

If you do all the paperwork and logistics by yourself and already have the flight ticket, you only have to check the availability of flying with dogs with your airline; if you are not flying, different cargo companies can take the dog. Otherwise, if you adopt from Bone Voyage, you only have to choose your pup, fill out the form, and wait patiently until we can fly your dog.


Adopting a dog from Mexico can gratify the adopter and their new four-legged buddy. While local adoption has benefits, such as easier interaction with potential companions and lower costs associated with transportation, international adoption efforts can help address homeless dog crises in other countries while saving lives.

Adopting a dog from Mexico Advantages

  1. You help aliviate the stray dog crisis in the country
  2. You can plan a travel to find your new companion

Adopting a dog from Mexico disadvantages:

  1. Easier interaction with the pet
  2. The Process can be faster
  3. Might be cheaper

Navigating the logistics of international adoption may seem daunting, but understanding transport options and factoring extra expenses into budget considerations can make the process smoother. Ultimately, making an informed decision on whether to pursue local or international adoption is essential to ensure a good fit for both human and canine family members.

For those looking to support international rescue efforts or adopt a pup from abroad, Bone Voyage Dog Rescue can make the process easy; choose your dog, fill out the form, and we will fly the dog to you!

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