Female Young Saluki

If you have any questions about Venus-1, please contact Bone Voyage Dog Rescue at annetteleethompson@gmail.com

Bone Voyage Dog Rescue

About Venus-1

Adoption Fee: $400

Thought to be an Azawakh, not a Saluki, which is not a choice with the software used by Bone Voyage.

“Venus if you will …” 

This canine version of the goddess Venus is simply a lovely girl, with so many attributes it’s difficult to list them all. She is just such a beautiful dog, inside and out.

Venus is slow to accept new humans into her sphere of influence, but once she does – boy howdy is she your best friend! She is a loving, intelligent, sweet, funny, and boisterous girl. Although she might be too boisterous around an unsteady toddler who would fall-down-go-boom with her drive-bys. And don’t forget the term velcro dog – Venus’ favorite location is to have as much of her body plastered against you as possible. She spends her evenings upside down, legs up in the air, with her head in her foster daddy's lap getting belly rubs and watching TV. Venus is a very sensitive dog, and needs a human who understands that sensitivity and allows her to be herself.

Venus spent the first year of her life as part of a large pack of well-treated but mainly unsocialized dogs. Since she was never inside a house, she likes to be right by your side watching you as you go through your everyday life, and is still learning the finer details of being a house pet.

Venus is cat-friendly, with the right cat. She likes to maul her foster home’s cat, who puts up with it for awhile until Venus gets too persistent, and then the murder mittens come out for a shot across the bow and she backs off in surprise. Venus gets along well with her foster home’s old and grumpy medium-sized dogs, despite their cliquish behavior in excluding her from their pack. Venus is fond of play-bowing in an attempt to engage the old farts to play with her, to no avail. She would definitely love to have a companion dog to play with in her forever home. Venus’ toilet manners are impeccable; and leash training is ongoing, but slow and steady. 

Venus is definitely a sighthound, with the best guess as to her breed being Azawakh. A deeper dive on this breed is available here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Azawakh. Sighthounds aren’t for everyone. Please consider your lifestyle – are you active and can take Venus for walks every day? Provide mental stimulation to keep her occupied? Venus’ foster home has many years of sighthound experience, and will spend as much time with a potential adopter explaining sighthounds as needed.

Venus is fostered in Chapala, Mexico, and because of her tender nature, is available for local adoption only.



1 years, 6 months
17.9 kg
Primary Color
Shots up to date
Ok with kids
Ok with dogs
Ok with cats