This is a difficult message and one that I never thought I would have to say. Bone Voyage may soon be saying “Bon Voyage”. We have had such enormous support from the community with volunteers for fostering, airport trips, flyers accompanying dogs, trips to the vet, and much more. As with so many, this quarantine has wreaked havoc on us. There was a good period of time when there were no flights and we were scurrying around to find fosters and local adopters. During that hiatus dogs still needed to vetted and fed.
Finally, the flights started up but few were willing to fly. We were able to overcome that hurdle by enticing flyers by offering to share the cost and sometimes more. The airfare costs are only one thing causing our costs to rise. They are dinging us with every oversize crate charge they can get. Increasingly rescues are requiring more services, microchip, heartworm test, Ehrlichia test, along with the required vaccines and neutering. There are also costs due to a dog becoming sick, sadly sometimes needing euthanasia and cremation. It seems that just when you think you can breathe something else rears its ugly head.
It is obvious to all that the need is great. There are so many dogs saved from a life of hell only to live in a loved lap of luxury. I ask you to look back at the era pre Bone Voyage. The Ranch often had a hard time to place dogs living their life at a shelter thus reducing room for younger dogs; rescuers finding a dog in need often had no place to turn as the Ranch and Lucky dog were often full.
Over the past two years, the community has become to rely on BV and I am so delighted to be of help but we simply can’t continue without some changes. The changes anticipated are that dogs can only go with a flier on his/her own paid ticket, perhaps the original rescuer will have to pay some costs, etc. That might save the program but would not be a perfect system. Many of the local rescuers have big hearts without having deep pockets. It is unbearable to turn away a dog who would be loved and cared for when it is only money that puts the breaks on the save.
We are continuing to brainstorm and welcome suggestions.
Following are typical costs per dog but keep in mind some have routine costs and some much higher.
In the best-case scenario, this is what it typically costs to send one dog to the US:
  • Complete vetting for a puppy to be sent north is $145USD and for an adult dog $121. This is just the cost if there are no other health issues and typically with puppies, there is something else that may need to be treated.
  • Other than the vetting and meeting the needs of these living beings, there are flight costs, $100 USD in cargo and $110 in-cabin, oversize crate charges are $60USD, getting crates back – $60 for 4 crates. There are costs involved with porters, boarding, transfers to Canada, flights for people that can fly dogs, and airport pick up for passengers returning crates.
It is so sad that as we at Bone Voyage get more skilled and get better at increasing our volume of dogs that it may all be for naught.
We receive an adoption fee for most but not all of our dogs. So our income from those fees ranges per dog from $50 to $225 with an occasional $0. Even the $200 fee is barely enough to cover costs and whatever might remain will go towards a dog with a greater deficit.
It is heartbreaking for me to even be thinking of closing or significantly reducing our services but we simply can’t continue as it is. Since the inception of Bone Voyage, we have sent over 900 dogs to loving homes. We have hit our stride and believe we can do even more but without some strong financial support, we will send far fewer.
I personally have found my passion here Lakeside and feel so very fortunate to be in such a great dog loving community. I sincerely hope BV can continue. I’m not sure what I will do without it and it breaks my heart.
Thanks to everyone that does support what we do.

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